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ortho surgery vocab

orthopedic surgery vocabulary

sesamoid resembling a grain of sesame in size & shape
articulation place of union between 2 or more bones; a joint
osteomyelitis inflammation of bone, especially in the marrow
arthroplasty operative procedure of reshaping/reconstructing a diseased joint
arthrogram visulation of a joint by radiographic study after injection of a contrast medium into the joint space
traction process of drawing or pulling
c-arm type of radiograph that produces "real time" fluoroscopic images for the surgeon/radiographer
osteoblast cell of mesodermal origin that is concerned w/the formatio of bone
eversion a turning outward
arthroscopy exam of the interior of a joint for therapeutic/diagnostic purposes w/a specially designed endoscope
condyle rounded protuberance at the end of a bone, forming a articulation
abduction to take away, move away from the midline
diaphysis shaft of a long bone
hematopoiesis production/development of blood cells, normally in bone marrow
inversion to turn inward
arthritis inflammation of a joint
allograft transplant tissue obtained from the same species
neuropathy any disease of the nerves
fracture a break in a bone
exsanguination process of expressing blood from a part
bursa pad-like sac/cavity found in connective tissue near the joint
osteotomy surgical incision into bone
suture joint that connects bones of the skull
osteogenisis formation/development of bone
arthrotomy surgical incision into a joint
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