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The Odyssey Events

also for the Humanities Honors test on 9/12 Monday,,,crying in the club

1. Troy Odysseus and his men leave here after the Trojan War
2. Island of Ismarus Odysseus' men sack this island and lose 72 men as a result (6 men from each of the 12 ships)
3. Island of the Lotus-Eaters Odysseus almost loses several men on this island because they have eaten the lotus flower and forgot about their homes
4. Cyclops Island six of Odysseus' men are eaten by Polyphemus, the cyclops; Odysseus blinds the cyclops to escape, teases the cyclops from his ship
5. Result of the Shitstorm at Cyclops Island Odysseus pulled an L by revealing his name to Polyphemus, who tattled to Big Sea Daddy Poseidon; Poseidon was not happy and made it rough for Odysseus to sail across the ocean
6. Aeolia Odysseus and his crew end up here; Aeolus the god of the winds gives them a bag of 3 winds to help him get home but they pull another L by opening that bag, sending the winds everywhere
7. Lastrygonia Odysseus loses all but one of his 12 ships here
8. Aeaea (Circe's Island) here, some of Odysseus' men are changed into pigs; Odysseus saves them and they stay a year on the island because of how nice it is (feasting every day, Odysseus has an affair with Circe)
9. Underworld Odysseus visits here and talks to a bunch of famous people like Tiresias (for guidance), as well as his mother and his comrades at Troy (to catch up on what he missed)
10. Aeaea (Circe's island - 2nd time) Odysseus comes back here to bury Elpenor, the drunk crewmate who died after falling off of Circe's roof, and get advice/directions
11. Sirens Odysseus is the first (and only) human to hear the Sirens sing and live to tell the tale; his crewmates wore wax earplugs while they kept Odysseus restrained on the ship while he listened/kept watch for the Sirens
12. Scylla Odysseus loses six men to her, a creature with 6 heads
13. Island of Thrinacia here, Odysseus' men foolishly kill and eat Helios' cows; Zeus blows up their ship and kills them all (except Odysseus since he didn't eat the cows)
14. Island of Ogygia (Calypso's Island) Odysseus washes up on here after his ship blows up and is kept here for seven years by the nymph Calypso (who sleeps with him every so often); he's always crying
15. Phaeacians Odysseus washes up on the island of Phaeacia and tells his story to the king of Phaeacia
16. Ithaca Odysseus is taken here by the Phaeacians after Zeus finally agreed to show Odysseus some mercy (much to Athena's joy)
17. Regaining Power in Ithaca with Athena's help, Odysseus (in disguise as a beggar) figures out who is loyal and kind to him in Ithaca, who is not, and makes his plan to destroy the suitors
18. While Odysseus is disguised as a beggar gets several things thrown at him buy suitors, he is disrespected by several slaves, and he is given hospitality by Eumaeus, Telemachus, and Penelope
19. Penelope's dream an eagle comes and kills a bunch of geese and then starts talking; relates to how Odysseus was disguised in her own home and was planning to kill the suitors
20. Ending Odysseus defeats the suitors after collaborating with Telemachus and Athena, regains power and his wife, and meets his father Laertes (who lost his status while Odysseus was gone)
21. Bonus Telemachus before the whole Odysseus tea is revealed, Athena makes Telemachus go on a journey to find out what happened to his father (before returning); the suitors plan to kill him while he's gone
Created by: yoonjae
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