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scarlet letter voc.

edifice a buildng of large size
panoply a suit of armor
caprice a sudden impulse
intrinsic belonging to the essential nature or constitution of a thing
unfeignedly with sincerity truly
catechism a series of questions put t a individual to enlicit their views
bedizen to dress gaudy
apellation a name, title, or dsignaton
verdure health or vigor, greenessf vegetation
expiation act of making an atonement
austerity harsh or gruff; plain or simple
deleterious injurious to health of hamful
misanthropy hatred,distrust,dislike of human kind
somniferous bringing sleep with drugs
somnambulism abnormal condition of sleeing/sleepwalking
machination the act of plotting
zenith te highest point
expiating enlarge in discourse o writing;move or wander w/o restrain
sedulous diligent in ablicatonal or attention;carefully maintained
obviated to anticipate and prevent, or eliminate difficulties
scurrilous grossely or obsenly abusive
accost to approach bodly or approach with a greeding question or remark
scintillating antimated, vivacious, to admit sparks
palliate to reduce theviolence of, cover up wih excuses
commodiousness the state of being spacious and convient
loquacity talkitiveness
preadventure may be, possibly
propinquity nearness in place or family
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