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Strategic/ Result Mg

Administration and Mgmt: Strategic Planning/Results Mgmt , AICP Nov 2022 Test

Strategic Planning Used to assist an organization in guiding its future. Short term, typically five or fewer years, and specific about accomplishing objectives. Allows orgs to imagine future with understanding on how to change operations to get there.
Strategic Plan Questions 1. What is the current situation and how is that situation likely to change in the foreseeable future? 2. Where are we going as an organization? 3. How will we get there?
Eight Elements to a Strategic Plan 1. Analyze community or orgs needs. 2. Identify results - determine long-term obj 3. Admit uncertainties thru SWOT 4. Involve strat stakeholders. 5. Develop and evaluate alternatives. 6. Identify city role 7. Develop funding policy. 8. Eval perf
Strategic Planning Sometimes used instead of comprehensive planning, yet it is not comprehensive in scope. Helpful in looking at needed organizational changes or a particular issue, but it cannot be used to effectively plan a city as a whole.
Results Oriented Management and Accountability or “ROMA a sound management practice that incorporates the use of outcomes or results into the administration, management, and operation of community action agencies
Benchmarks performance data that are used for comparative purposes. A program can use its own data as a baseline benchmark against which to compare future performance, or it can use data from another program as a benchmark.
Impacts are the direct or indirect effects or consequences of achieving program goals.
Outcome indicators observable, measurable charact or changes that represent achievement of an outcome. ex, a program whose desired outcome for "healthy lifestyle" defines as getting at least two hours of exercise each week.
Inputs are resources a program uses to achieve program objectives. Examples are staff, volunteers, facilities, curricula, and money.
Measures may be quantitative or qualitative, objective or subjective. The particular form of measurement used is dependent on the objective to be measured, the availability of opportunities for measurement and the cost of the measurement process.
Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA), 1993 Established ROMA - Results Oriented Management and Accountability to use results oriented mgmt on individual/family, agency or community level
Created by: cristinemshoff
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