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middle ages 7-8


Towns most often gained their freedom from the noblemen by? purchasing it
The lst refuge in town in case of attack was known as the citadel
The people in each line of business in a town belonged to a guild
_____held a council meeting in Clermont, France, to call the people to rescue the Holy Land from the Muslims The pope
The _____was an important reason for sending the Cruades to regain Christian control over the Holy Land. mistreatment of christian pilgrims by Turkish Muslims
The first army to leave for th Holy Land during the First Crusade was led by___ Peter the Hermit and Walter the Penniless
Who worked for master workman for pay after passing an examination of their work? Journeymen
The crusades had the effect of what? rescuing the Holy Land from the Muslims
Kings Crusade third Crusade
captured the city of Jerusalem First crusade
The large open square in a town Marketplace
captured the city of constantinople fourth crusade
a school known for the study of law University of Bologna
failed to capture the city of Damascus Second crusade
occurred twice or more a year in large towns fairs
an important city in Russia during the Middle Ages Novgorod
hundreds ofis participantes were sod into lavery in Egypt Children crusade
included two types of armies one traned and one untrained first crusade
resulted in the establishment of a feudal system in Palestine First crusade
resulted in a treaty allowing Christian pilgrims to visit Jerusalem without danger Third crusade
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