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OB and Neo 3

Obstetric disease and disorder terms

inflammation of the amnion amnionitis
inflammation of the chorion and amnion chorioamnionitis
cancerous tumor of the chorion choriocarcinoma
difficult labor dystocia
rapture of the uterus hysterorrhexis
scanty amnion water oligohydramnios
much amnion water polyhydramnios
termination of pregnancy by the expulsion from the uterus of an embryo before fetal viability abortion
premature spearation of the placenta from the uterine wall abruptio placentae
severe complication and progression of preeclampsia characterized by convulsion and coma eclampsia
pregnancy occurring outside the uterus ectopic pregnancy
abornormally low implantation of the placenta on the unterine wall placenta previa
abnormal condition encountered during pregnancy or shortly after delivery characterized by high blood pressure, edema preeclampsia
small head microephalus
inflammation of the umbilicus omphalitis
herniation at the umbilicus omphalocele
narrowing pertaining to the pyloric sphinctewr pyloric stenosis
abnormal passageway pertaining to the esophagus and the trachea tracheoesophageal fistula
congenital split of the lop and roof of the mouth cleft lip and palate
congenital condition characterized by varying degrees of mental retardation and multiple defects down syndrome
condition of the newborn characterized by hemolysis of the erythrocytes erythroblastosis fetalis
confenital absence of part of the esophagus esophageal atresia
a condition caused by excessive alchol consumption fetal alcohol syndrome
a congenital fissure of the abdominal wall not at the umbilicus gastroschisis
a respiratory complication in the newborn expecially in premature infants respiratory distress syndrome (RDS)
congenital defect in the vertebral column caused by the failure of the vertebral arch to close spina bifida
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