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Concept Dis. Ch.12

Circulatory Distrubances

bluish tint that results from inadequate oxygenation of the blood is known as cyanosis
pulmonary emboli usually develop in ___ before moving to the lungs the legs
intravascular clot that has detached from its original site of formation and is carried by circulation is an embolus
stasis of blood in veins, varicose veins, & increased blood coagulability predisposes to venous thrombosis
dyspnea, cyanosis, & shock are all characteristics of a large pulmonary embolism
bloody sputum is an indication of a lung infarct
in a septic pulmonary emboli, a __ __ obstructs blood flow to the lungs pulmonary abscess
X-ray, lung scan, & pulmonary angiography are all used to diagnose a pulmonary embolism
arterial thrombosis arises from ___, which is considered a preexisting condition arteriosclerosis
heart attack, stroke, & gangrene are all clinical manifestations of arterial thrombosis
an embolism is always ___ to thrombosis secondary
an embolism resulting from a fractured bone is categorized as a fat embolism
a problem with hydrostatic pressure, capillary permeability, plasma proteins, & lymphatic channels can cause a secondary manifestation of edema
heart failure can lead to edema by raising the pressure in the systemic arteries
blood clot formed within vascular system thrombosis
condition in which a plug composed of detached clot, mass of bacteria, or other foreign material occludes a blood vessel embolism
necrosis of tissue caused by interruption of its blood supply infarct
infection caused by gas-forming anaerobic bacteria gas gangrene
necrosis of an extremity caused by interruption of its blood supply ischemic gangrene
anaerobic gram-positive spore-forming rod-shaped bacterium Clostridium
accumulation of excess of fluid in interstitial tissues edema
accumulation of fluid in pleural cavity hydrothorax
accumulation of fluid in abdominal cavity ascites
general term for any condition leading to such a marked fall of blood pressure that body tissues do not receive an adequate amount of oxygen, most often caused by acute blood loss or sepsis shock
severe infection sepsis
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