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Chapter 12

Medical Terminology

urethral stenosis narrowed condition of the urethra
voiding cystourethrogram (VCU or VCUG) x-ray image of the bladder and urethra during urination (voiding = urinating)
nephrorrhaphy suture of an injured kidney
Foley catheter indwelling catheter inserted through the urethra and into the bladder; the catheter can remain in place for an extended period
anagelsic a drug that relieves pain
Nephron microscopic functional unit of the kidney consisting of the renal corpuscle, proximal tubule, nephron loop, distal tubule
continent urostomy an internal reservoir (pouch) constructed from a segment of intestine that diverts urine through an opening (stoma).
cytoscopy examination of the bladder using a rigid or flexible cystoscope
nephrectomy excision of a kidney
bacteri/o combining form meaning bacteria
-plasty suffix meaning surgical repair or reconstruction
pyeloplasty surgical reconstruction of the renal pelvis
ureterolithiasis the condition of having a stone form in the ureter
urinary diversion creation of a temporary or permanent diversion the urinary tract to provide a new passage through which urine exits the body
glucosuria sugar in the urine
SUI stress urinary incontinence
kidney transplantation, renal transplantation transfer of a kidney from the body of one person (donor) to another (recipient)
pH measure of acidity or alkalinity of urine
intracorporeal lithotripsy Destroying stones in the urinary tract using discharges of electrical energy transmitted to a probe in a flexible endoscope
urinary catheterization methods of placing a tube into the bladder to drain or collect urine
incontinence involuntary discharge of urine or feces
urine occult blood chemical test for the presence of hidden blood in the urine resulting from red blood cell hemolysis
antibiotic a drug that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms
SpGr abbreviation for specific gravity
albumin/o combining form meaning protein
urethral meatus structure through which urine leaves the body
glomerul/o combining form meaning glomerulus (small ball)
-logist suffix for a specialist in the study of a special area
creatinine clearance testing measurements that determine the rate at which creatinine is "cleared" from the blood by the kidneys
antispasmodic drug that relieves spasm
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