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Elliott-Intro MC #2

Most Common #2 Medical Terms

DNR Do Not Resuscitate
DOE Dyspnea on Exertion(shortness of breath with activity)
DTR Deep Tendon Reflexes
DVT Deep Venous Thrombosis or Deep Vein Thrombosis(blood clot in large vein)
ETOH alcohol
FX fracture
gtt drops
H&H Hemoglobin and Hematocrit
H&P History and Physical
hs hour of sleep or at bedtime
H/O or h/o history of
HA headache
HTN Hypertension(high blood pressure)
I&D Incision and Drainage
IM Inramuscular
IMP impression
in vitro in the laboratory
in vivo in the body
IU international units
JT joint
K potassium
KCL potassium chloride
LBP low back pain
LLQ left lower quadrant
LUQ left upper quadrant
MCL medial collateral ligament
mg milligrams
ml milliliters
MVP mitral valve prolapse
N/V nausea/vomiting
Na sodium
npo nothing by mouth
O&P ova and parasites
OD right eye
OS left eye
OU both eyes
ORIF open reduction and internal fixation
P pulse
po by mouth
prn as needed
PCL posterior cruciate ligament
Created by: wgelliott