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NHA CMAA Study Exam

NHA Study exam

A CMAA is providing a pt with instructions about an upcoming mammogram. Which of the following actions should the CMAA take to ensure pt understanding? a. Send the pt an electronic appt reminder b. ask the pt to restate the instructions. b. Ask the patient to restate the instructions
A CMAA is creating a business correspondence. Which of the following salutations is appropriate for the assistant to use? a. Dear Mr. Goodwin: b. Dear Mr. Mark Smith M.D., c. RE: JANE HUDLEY d. Dear Dennis, a. Dear Mr. Goodwin
Which of the following is the amount the CMAA should submit to the secondary insurance carrier if the encounter balance is $360 and the pt has two plans with 80/20 split. a. $20 b. $72 c. $80 D. $285 b. $72
After deactivating the security system, which of the following actions should the CMAA take next when opening the office in the morning? a. Access the answering service b. Restock the exam rooms c. Print apt schedule d. Ensure petty cash is available a. access the answering service
Which of the following actions is appropriate for a MA to take when processing incoming mail? a. Open&organize the provider's mail b. Shred unwanted mail c. File incoming lab results as soon as they are received d. discard duplicate medication samples b. Shred unwanted mail
A pt who has Medicare insurance is covered for both inpatient and outpatient services under the same part of Medicare. Which part of Medicare covers the patient? Part C
A CMAA is asked to schedule a CXR for a patient. The assistant should make an appointment for which of the following? a. An x-ray of the carpals b. An x-ray of the chest c. An x-ray of the cranium d. An x-ray of the coccyx b. An x-ray of the chest
Which of the following is the purpose of a matrix? a. to create a flexible waiting time for pt b. To determine pt apt cancellations c. To differentiate between new and established pts. d. To indicate when a provider is unavailable to treat pts. d. To indicate when a provider is unavailable to treat patients.
Which of the following is the primary reason for a MA to document no-shows&cancellations with less than 24 hrs notice? a.To ensure accurate billing for missed apt b.To expedite insurance claims c.To maintain scheduling integrity d.To update pt records c. To maintain scheduling integrity
Which of the following actions is appropriate for a MA to take when providing preoperative instructions to a pt who is anxious? a.Assure the pt that he will be ok b.Allow extra time to reinforce instructions c. Hand the instructions to the pt b. Allow extra time to reinforce the instructions
Which of the following is a step in the annotation process? a. Rewriting text b. Paraphrasing text c. Highlighting text d. Deleting text c. Highlighting text
Obtaining vital signs agaisnt a patient's will is an example of which of the following offenses? a. Assault b. Battery c. Negligence d.Fraud b. Battery
After opening a report from a pts previous provider, which of the following is the MAs next step? a. File the report in the pts chart b. Return the report to the provider who supplied it c. Give the report to the pts current provider for review c. Give the report to the patient's current provider for review.
When a MS makes arrangements for a staff member to attend a conference, which of the following is the most important step for keeping office informed? a.Distribute travel itinerary b.Calculate the expense of the conference c.Evaluate the CEUs value a. Distribute the travel itinerary
A CMAA in a multi-specialty practice is scheduling an apt for a pt who has an arrhythmia. What type of specialist will the MA schedule with? Cardiologist
Which of the following actions should the CMAA take when closing the office? a. Activate the security system b. File charts that were used that day c. Turn off the answering machine d. Follow up on refill request a. Activate the security System
Once a physician signs advance directives, the CMAA should have which of the following witness the signature? a. Attorney b. Health care employee c. Non-affiliated individual d. Family member c. Non-affiliated individual
Which of the following actions is within the scope of practice of a CMAA? a. Match the specimen to the demographics on the pts chart b. process the requisition for shipment c. prepare the specimen for secure transport d. Ensure proper storage b. Process the requisition for shipment
Which of the following is the best way for a CMAA to address collection of copayment? a. "Where should we mail your bill?" b. "How much would you like to pay today?" c. "How would you like to pay today?" d. "When can we expect your payment?" C. "How would you like to pay today?"
A provider is running 30 mins behind schedule because of an early morning emergency. What action should the CMAA take to maintain effective scheduling in the office? Inform waiting pts that an emergency has caused a delay in the schedule and they can reschedule.
Which of the following is a court order to mandate appearance and produce medical records for trial? a. Subpeona duces tecum b. Deposition c. Order to disclose d. Respondent superior A. Subpoena duces tecum
Which of the following actions should a MA take if a pt has an existing workers' compensation case? a. Obtain the carrier case number b. Provide a statement for any payments collected c. Verify validity of the claim prior to tx. A. Obtain the carrier case number
A CMAA is reviewing the release form of a pt who is a dependent minor. The assistant should ensure that who of the following signed the release form? a. A parent b. The minor c. The attending provider d. The legal custodian D. The legal custodian
Which of the following should a CMAA consult to find the proper method of scheduling an appointment for a particular office? a. Practice Policy Manual b. OGCR c. A Medical Administrative textbook d. The AMA's CPT manual a. Practice Policy Manual
A new patient provides a CMAA with her parent's Medicare card. The patient states that she is a dependent and is eligible to use the card. What would you tell the patient? Explain to the patient that Medicare does not cover dependents
A patient is identified as a smoker in her medical record and request a medical record amendment due to her cessation of smoking 15 years earlier. What section of the Patient's Bill of Rights is the patient exercising? Confidentiality of Health Information
Prior to a patient leaving the office, she is asked to pay 10% of a $100 office visit. Which of the following best describes this fee? a. Coinsurance b. Deductible c. Copayment d. Allowed charge a. Coinsurance
What is the birthday rule? The parent whose day of birth occurs earlier in the calendar year holds the primary policy for dependent children.
Which of the following word roots means "swallow"? a. Phalang b. Pharyng c. Phag d. Pod C. Phag
A CMAA receives telephone calls from 4 pts. Which call indicates a need for immediate attention? a.A pt who needs to sched post-op apt b.A pt who reports difficulty breathing c.A pt who reports blood in stool d.A pt who has symptoms of dermatitis b. A pt who reports difficulty breathing
A provider asks a CMAA to schedule a surgery to remove a pts gallbladder. The assistant should schedule the pt for which of the following? a. Cholecystography b. Cholecystogram c. Cholecystisits d. Cholecystectomy d. Cholecystectomy
At which of the following times should the CMAA pull a patient's daily chart? a. When the pt calls to make an apt b. After obtaining the pts demographic information c. When the pt arrives in the office for the apt d. The evening before the pts apt d. The evening before the patient's appointment.
Prior to an invasive procedure, a pt as a CMAA about other options that are available. Which action should the CMAA take? a. Inform the pt of commonly used alternatives b. Advise the pt to ask the provider c. Seek out a CCMA to explain alternatives B. Advise the patient to ask the provider about alternative treatments.
When creating a retention schedule for patient medical records, a CMAA should consult which of the following? a. State guidelines b. HIPPA Privacy Rule c. CEJA d. Physician's Desk Reference A. State Guidelines
Which of the following oversees workplace safety? a. OSHA b. JC c. CLIA d. DOL a. OSHA
A pt wants to update his medical record to include a medication sensitivity information that he had failed to provide. What action should the CMAA take? The CMAA should make a new entry to update the previous information.
Which of the following is an appropriate use of a tickler file? a. To inform the provider about current updates b. To remind staff of date-specific task c. To document staff disciplinary actions d. To train new employees b. To remind staff of date-specific task
Which of the following colors indicates a biohazardous waste container? a. Black b. Purple c. Red d. Blue c. Red
Created by: burnett.kayla
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