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Xer/o Dry
NICU Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Adipocele A hernia filled with fatty tissue
Onychophagia Nail biting
Transdermal Pertaining to through the skin
Rhytidoplasty Reconstruction of wrinkled skin
Chemotherapy Destruction of tissue through freezing
-icle, -ole, -ule, ula Small
Excoriation A scratch
Culture and Sensitivity (C&S) growing microorganisms in isolation in order to determine which drugs they might respond to
Cyanidrosis Blue sweat
Pruritus An itch
Urticaria Swollen raised itchy areas of the skin
Trichomegaly Abnormally thick hair
Dermatodynia Loose skin
Anhidrosis Lack of sweating
Costalgia rib pain
genu valgum knocked-knee
graphospasm writer's cramp
craniosynostosis the premature fusing of the skull bones
closed reduction returning bones to their proper position without the use of surgery
epidural anesthetic anesthetic applied in the dural region of the spinal cord
dyslexia Difficulty reading
hemiparesis partial paralysis on half the body
cerebral embolism the blockage of a blood vessel in the brain caused by a foreign object (embolus) such as fat or bacteria
gangliitis inflammation of a gangion
myopia nearsightedness
hyperopia farsightedness
astigmatism vision problem caused by the fact that light rays entering the eye arent focused on single point in the back of the eye
cycloplegia paralysis of the ciliary body
tympanoplasty surgical reconstruction of the eardrum
amenorrhea lack of menstrual flow
thelarche beginning of breast development
hypoglycemic pertaining to low blood sugar
Hyperthyroidism Overproduction by the thyroid
thymectomy removal of thymus
Sphygmomanometer tool used to measure blood pressure
thymic hyperplasia Overdevelopment of the thymus
immunocompromised having an immune system incapable of responding normally and completely to a pathogen or disease
phlebarteriectasia Dilation of blood vessels
iron deficiency anemia anemia caused by inadequate iron intake
sonogram use of sound waves to produce diagnostic images; also called ultrasound
antiarrythmic drug that apposes an irregular heartbeat
cardiomyotomy incision into the heart
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR basic life support
venectomy Surgical removal of a vein
tachypnea fast breathing
hemoptysis blood cough
tonsillitis Inflammation of the tonsil
tonsillectomy removal of tonsil
thoracoplasty reconstruction of the chest
gingivitis inflammation of the gum
hernia latin for rupture
orthodontist a straight teeth specialist
gastroesophagealreflux disease disease in which acid comes up from the stomach and damages the esophagus
colovaginal fistula abnormal opening between the colon and vagina
ureterocele hernia of a uterus
ureterolithiasis presence of stone in the ureter
diuresis excessive urination
spermicide agent that kills sperm
cystectomy removal of bladder
dysmenorreha painfull mensuration
mastalgia breast pain
eutocia normal labor
ectopic pregnancy implantation of a fertilized egg in a place other than the uterus
pseudocyesis false pregnancy
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