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pre wwii

The Kellogg-Briand End war as a means to solve international problems
What fraction of French males ages 18-35 died as a result of WWI 1/2
The Weimar Republic The democratic government established in Germany after WWI
Benito Mussolini came to power in Italy after WWI, established faschism
Mao Zedong Was the leader of the Communist party in China per WWII
____ invaded _____ just before WWII. Japan/China
What were conditions like in Italy after WWI Poor economically due to the lack of jobs
The effect of the coalitional government in France was It was difficult for France to rebuild because of disagreement in the French government
The process of Nationalization Brought all private business and land under government control in the Soviet Union
The Maginot Line Defensive wall built between france and germany that was ineffective because of Belgum
What political party came to power pre WWII in the United Kingdom The labor party
The Commonwealth of Nations Allowed for nations to become independent of Great Britain, while remaining symbolically a part of the empire
Communism has a strong central government and owns all means of production
Deomoracy representatives are elected and make choices for the country, goes with capitolism
Facism Strong central government and hightened sence of nationalism
Socialism representaives are elected, some private companies, some utilities owned by the government
Created by: Coach Hilton