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Ap Euro Chapter 22

Study guide for Ap European History kids on chapter 22- Revolution of all Sorts

In July 1830, Charles X issues the July Ordinance which... Put and end to the legislature
Party of Movement was led by whom? Adolfe Theiers
This person abolished censorship, set up a new constituion, and worked torwards unity in Prussia in the 1840's to 1861. Frederick William IV
June 1848 event was when workshops closed, and workers riot for 4 days because of a struggle between the bourgeoisie and the working class "June Days"
1834- Poor Law Wa based on the theory that giving aid to the poor and unemplyed only encouraged lazyness and increased the number of paupers. Purposly allowed for workplaces and living quarters to remain awful
The Second Republic started unicameral legislature and a presidency. Both elected by universal male suffrage
The king of Piedmont who hoped to end Austrian domination in Italy Charles Albert
Created by: lhspommer