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Chpt 4 13th Century.

Magna Carta, Plague, and Hundred Years War

Habeas Corpus the principle that accused persons cannot be held in jail without the consent of the court
Truce agreed halt in fighting
Henry II English king who created royal courts to replace the older unfair systems of trial by ordeal and trial by combat,helped create common law
Archbishop of Canterbury (Thomas a Becket) powerful religious leader was brutally murdered by tour of the king's knights while praying in cathedral
King John English king who ignored peoples rights and collected large taxes from lords and nobles, forced to sign Magna Carta
Magna Carta document that protected peoples rights
Joan of Arc French peasant teenager who had visions from god and fought in the Hundred Years War, many battles with French victories but was eventually captured by the English and burnt at the stake, Church made her a saint recognizing her devotion to god and heroism
Italy where plague first hit in Europe
Buboes black and blue tomato sized bumps on throat and armpits
Fleas and Rats how plague spread
feudal pyramid became circle/square how plague changed feudal pyramid
China where plague originated
Created by: Rowyn