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Lesson 7 Med Term

Suffixes and Prefixes I through K

iasis condition of- Suffix cholelithiasis (condition of gallbladder stones) The physician told the patient to reduce his fatty intake because of his cholelithiasis (condition of gallbladder stones).
iatric medicine- suffix pediatric (child medicine) The pediatric (child medicine) ward has lots of games and toys for the children.
ic pertaining to- Suffix enteric (pertaining to the small intestines) The nurse said that the patient was placed under enteric (pertaining to the small intestines) precaution.
inter between- Prefix intercostal (between ribs) The electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) lead needed to be placed in the third intercostal (between ribs) space.
intra within- Prefix intra-aorta (within the aorta) The heart attack patient was placed on an intra-aortic(within the aorta) balloon pump.
isis, asis condition of- Sfufix metastasis (condition of change in location of spreading) The cancer patient learned that the tumor's metastasis (the cancer's spreading) was regressing.
itis inflammation of- Suffix gastritis (stomach inflammation) The winner of the hot chili pepper eating contest complained of gastritis (stomach inflammation).
juxta near- Prefix juxtapiphysial (near epiphysis or part of the long bone) The fracture was located in a juxtapiphysial (near a part of the long bone) position.
kinesis movement- Prefix or Suffix metakinesis (moving part) Chromosomes evidence metakinesis (move apart) behavior after mitosis (divide).
kypho humped- Prefix kyphosis (condition of being humpbacked) The hunchback of Notre Dame was diagnosed with kyphosis (humped back). Kypho can also be a root word.
logia, logy science of- Suffix cardiology (heart science or study of) The cardiology (science of the heart) studies proved negative for the patient.
lysis disintegration- Suffix osteolysis (bone breakdown) The old man could not walk due to his osteolysis (bone breakdown).
macro large, long- Prefix macrostomia- large mouth The singer had a booming voice due in part to her macrostomia (large mouth).
malcia softening- Prefix or Suffix chondromalacia (soft cartilage) The patient's chondromalcia (soft cartilage) was so bad that he had to cushion his home for fear of falling.
med, medi, medio middle- Prefix or Suffix mediocarpal (middle of the carpal bone) The mediocarpal (middle bones of the wrist) damage was caused by carpal tunnel syndrome.
mega, megaly enlargement- Prefix or Suffix cardiomegaly (enlarged heart) The patient's cardiomegaly (large heart) was caused by congestive heart failure (CHF)
micro small- Mostly Prefix microcephalic (small brain) The microcephalic (small brain) baby's prognosis (prediction or expected outcome) was that he would be mentally handicapped.
mono single, one- Prefix mononucleosis (condition of large outbreak of one nucleus lymphocytes) The patient was palce in isolation due to his mononucleosis (disease condition of one-nucleus cells).
multi many- Prefix multifocal (many locations) The patient's condition stemmed from a multifocal (multiple reasons) disease process.
neo new- Prefix neonatal (newborn) The neonatal (newborn) baby's Apgar score was nine and 10.
ob against- Prefix obtunded (against or mentally dull) The patient was found to be obtunded (dull or blunt consciousness) during her neurological exam.
oid like, shapre, resemble- Suffix mucoid (mucuslike) The drainage from the wound had a mucoid(mucuslike) appearance.
oligo few- Prefix or Suffix oliguria (diminished urination) The patient was placed on dialysis due to his chronic oliguria (unable to remove fluid through urination).
ology study of- Suffix neurology (study of the nerves) The neurology (study of the nerves) student didn't have the nerve to quit his class.
oma tumor- Suffix lymphoma (lymph tumor) The doctor told the patient's family members that lymphomas (lymph tumors) are among the most treatable cancers.
osis condition- Suffix pediculosis (condition of lice infestation) The boy was sent home from school because of his untreated pediculosis (lice infestation).
otomy incision- Suffix craniotomy (skull incision) An emergency craniotomy (an opening into the skull) was performed on the patient with cerebral bleeding.
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