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IC+ Sig codes

Walgreens Intercom Plus Sig Codes

+ takes place of "take one tablet po", "take one teaspoon po", etc.
aa to the affected area
ac before a meal
ad right ear
aea in affected ear(s)
aey in affected eye(s)
apr apply to rash
asd apply sparingly with each diaper change
atn at night
au both ears
b before
bid twice daily
bre breakfast
c capsule
cnc cough and congestion
cou for cough
csw chew and swallow
d daily
dh diarrhea
dnt take four tablets (capsules) one hour before dentist appointment
ext externally
fid five times daily
gts drops
gtt drop
h hours
ha headache
hs at bedtime
i insert
ien in each nostril
inl inhale
ivb insert one applicatorful vaginally at bedtime
ivs insert one suppository vaginally at bedtime
im in the muscle
lea in the left ear
ley in the left eye
mcd may cause drowsiness
n nausea
nos nostril
nv for nausea and vomiting
od right eye
oes on an empty stomach
os left eye
ou both eyes
p for pain
pa patch
pc after meals
pfs puffs
po by mouth
pra as needed for anxiety
prf as needed for
prn as needed
prnp as needed for pain
q every
qam every morning
qd every day
qhs every night at bedtime
qid four times daily
qod every other day
qpm every evening
r rectal
rea in the right ear
rey in the right eye
rec rectally
sas swish and swallow
slp sleep
sob shortness of breath
ss one-half
sc under the skin
sup suppository
sw shake liquid well
swr shake well and refrigerate
t tablet
tat until all taken
tea teaspoonful
tes teaspoonsful
tid three times daily
tk take
tls tablespoonsful
tnt one tablet under tongue as needed for chest pain
ts tablets
u use
unt under the tongue
va vaginal
vag in the vagina
woj with orange juice
xd times daily
cs capsules
dr discard remainder
tay today
wc with meals
Created by: princess_manner
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