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List 4 EMS

Word Parts and Med Terms

Corona crown
corp- body
cort- bark
cost- rib
crani- skull
crypt- hidden
cusp- pointed
cutic- skin
cyan- blue
cyst- sac
cty- cell
de- undoing
decid- falling off
delta triangular
den-, dent- tooth
dendr- tree
derm- skin
desm- bond
di- twice
dia- through, between
dialys- separate, break apart
diastol- stand apart
diure- urinate
dors- the back
duc-, duct- lead, draw
Coronal suture of the skull
corpse, corpus luteum hormone-secreting body in the ovary
cortex the outer layer of the brain, kidney, adrenal glands, and lymph nodes.
intercoastal between the ribs
craniotomy a skull operation
cryptomenorrhea a condition in which menstrual symptoms are experienced but no external loss of blood occurs.
bicuspid, tricuspid valves of the heart.
cuticle cuticle of the nail
cyanosis blue color of the skin due to lack of oxyygen.
cystisis inflammation of the urinary bladder
cytology the study of cells
deactivation becoming inactive
deciduous (milk) teeth
deltoid muscle roughly triangular in shape
dentin of the tooth.
dendrites telodendria, both branches of a neuron
dermis deep layer of the skin
desmosome binds adjacent epithelial cells
dimorphism having two forms
diaphragm the wall through or between two areas
kidney dialysis waste products are removed from the blood.
cardiac diastole between successive contractions of the heart.
diuretic a drug that increases urine output
dorsal the back
ductus deferens carries sperm from the epididymis in to the urethra during ejaculation
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