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Medical Term Ch 5

Integumentary System - Drugs Used To Treat Skin Disorders

antifungals alter the cell or wall of fungi or disrupt enzyme activity, resulting in cell death. nystatin=Mycostatin, Nyston itraconazole=Sporanox
antihistamines inhibit allergic reactions of inflammation, redness, and itching caused by the release of a histamine. diphenhydramine=Benadryl loratadine=Claritin
antiseptics topically applied agents that inhibit growth of bacteria, thus preventing infection in cuts, scratches, and surgical incisions. ethyl or isoproply alcohol hydrogen peroside
corticosteroids decrease inflammation and itching by suppressing the immune systems inflammatory response to tissue damage. hydrocortisone=Certacort, Cortaid triamcinolone=Azmacor, Kenalog
keratolytics destroy and soften the outter layer of skin so that is is sloughed off or shed. tretinoin=Retin-A, Vesanoid
parasiticides kill insect parasites, such as mites and lice. lindane=Kwell, Thion permethrin=Nix
protectives cover, cool, dry, or soothe inflamed skin lotions=Cetaphil moisturizing lotion ointments=Vaseline
topical anesthetics block sensation of pain by numbing the skin layers and mucous membranes. lidocaine=Xylocaine procaine=Novacain
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