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Abbreviations #35244

Medical Terminology Abbreviations #35244

H & P history and physical
Hx history
CC chief complaint
c/o complains of
HPI (PI) history of present illness
Sx symptoms
PMH (PH) past medical history
UCHD usual childhood diseases
FH family history
SH social history
OH occupational history
ROS (SR) review of systems
PE (Px) physical examination
HEENT head, eyes, ears, nose, throat
NAD no acute distress, no appreciable disease
PERRLA pupils equal, round, and reactive to light and accommodation
WNL within normal limits
Dx diagnosis
IMP impression
A assessment
R/O rule out
P plan
IP inpatient
OP outpatient
PACU postanesthetic care unit
PAR postanesthetic recovery
RTC return to clinic
RTO return to office
BRP bathroom privileges
CP chest pain
DC, D/C (error prone) discharge, discontinue
ETOH ethyl alcohol
RRR regular rate and rhythm
Tr treatment
Tx treatment or traction
VS vital signs
WDWN well developed and well nourished
a (with - over it) before
a.c. before meals
a.m. before noon
noc. night
p (with - over it) after
p.c. after meals
p.m. after noon
p.r.n. as needed
PR through rectum
PV through vagina
q.n.s. quantity not sufficient
q.s. quantity sufficient
s (with - above it) without
ss (with - above it) (error prone) one-half
w.a. while awake
cc (error prone) cubic centimeter
Sub-Q, SC, SQ (latter 2 are error prone) subcuetaneous
h.s. (error prone) hour of sleep
q d (error prone) every day
q.o.d. (error prone) every other day
AD (error prone) right ear
AS (error prone) left ear
AU (error prone) both ears
OD (error prone) right eye
OS (error prone) left eye
OU (error prone) both eyes
> (error prone) greater than
< (error prone) less than
Created by: apophis
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