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humanities words

study a lot for the test

Judges:Jury No trials by combat or formal accusation; Evidence; nobles and lords had:less power then early Middle Ages.
Magna Carta Law/document saying who had power; King was responsible for obeying law; Nobles and Barons had more power the before the M.C.
Commoners Regular people who live in town; guildsmen, merchants, women, farmers, serfs not commoners.
Parialment Group of people who make laws together, commoners, Barons/Nobles, some church officials(priests).
Asia+Europe+North Africa+_______= orgin; came over silk road routes to Black Sea; by ship to __________ China and Italy
Black spots Buboes
________ and ________ spread bacteria of the plague. Rats and Fleas
_______ of the people died 1/2
S_____ left manors and went to towns got better ____ and more $$$ Serfs and town
English: won in beginning because of _______________ Longbows
____ __ ___- peasant,french, female teen, Illiterate; general of ______: witchcraft and a saint. Juan of Arc Knights
No longer needed Lords, Barons, Nobles, Knights and Castles
Mercenaries Highly trained
Soldiers hired for national wars
Kings slightly more powerfull
Created by: ANCROCKS!