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Lesson 6 Med Terms

Medical Terminology Prefixes and Suffixes A-H

a, an without- Prefix anencephalic-without a brain Medical: The baby was born anencephalic (without a brain) Everyday:The letter was sent from an anonymous (without a name) fan.
ab away from-Prefix Abduction- away from, rotate Med: The physical therapist told the patient that he needed to concentrate on exercises that promote abduction (away from, rotate). Ev:The child was abducted (taken away) from his parents by the kidnapper.
ad toward-Prefix adduction (toward, rotate) Medical Sentence: The physical therapist told the patient that he needed to concentrate on exercises that promote adduction (toward) . Every: The child enjoyed reading about great adventures (toward a venture).
algia pain- Prefix or Suffix(mostly suffix) Medical Sentence: The slipped disc was causing sciatic neuralgia (nerve pain) down the patient's leg.
ante before; wall part- Prefix or Suffix antepartum (before birth) Medical Sentence: The antepartum (before birth) mother was admitted to the labor and delivery ward. Everyday: The artifacts came from an antediluvian (before the biblical flood) time period.
anti against- Prefix antibacterial(against bacteria) Medical Sentence: Hands should be washed with a good antibacterial (against bacteria) soap. Everyday Sentence: The father added antifreeze (against freeze) to the family car.
bi two,double- Prefix bilateral-two sides Medical Sentence: The accident victim suffered bilateral (two sides) abrasions to his face and arms. Everyday Sentence: The bilingual (two languages) student had no trouble learning medical terminology.
brady slow-Prefix or Suffix bradycardia-slow heartbeat Medical Sentence: The patient required a permanent pacemaker due to his chronic bradycardia (slow heartbeat) . Note: Chronic means continuous; the opposite might be transient or intermittent.
circum around-prefix circumrenal-around the kidney Medi: The patient's ecchymosis was mostly circumrenal around the kidney. Note: Ecchymosis means condition of bruising. This is often confused with hematoma.
co, con together-Prefix or Suffix concentric-together center, same center Medical Sentence: The twins were born with a concentric (together center) placenta. Everyday-We must coexist(live together)
de down or away from- Prefix or Suffix dehydrate-away from hydration M:The athlete required IV (intravenous) supplements due to his dehydration (away from hydration). E:The politician complained that the reporter defamed (lowered respect of) his reputation.
desis binding, fixation of- Prefix or Suffix(mostly suffix) arthrodesis-surgical fixation of a joint Medical Sentence: Arthrodesis (surgical fixation of a joint) was required for the retired football player.
dia through-Prefix or Suffix diaplacental-through the placenta Medical Sentence: During delivery, the patient suffered an accidental diaplacental (through the placenta) tear. Everyday Sentence: The pattern called for a diagonal (angled through) cut.
dys difficult,abnormal-Prefix dysemia-abnormal blood Medical Sentence: The lab tests showed varying conditions of dysemia (abnormal blood) . Everyday Sentence: A virus rendered the computer dysfunctional (not functional) .
ecto outside-Prefix ectocornea-outer layer of the cornea Medical: The doctor indicated that the scratch to the ectocornea (outer layer of the cornea) would heal in a couple of days. Everyday: The Ghostbusters were afraid of the ectoplasm (outside substance).
ectomy excision-Prefix or suffix(mostly suffix) tonsillectomy-tonsil removal Medical Sentence: The child was given ice cream after her tonsillectomy (tonsil removal) .
endo within-Prefix endogastric (within the stomach) Medical Sentence: The endogastric (within the stomach) tube was inserted through the right nare of the patient. Note: Nare means nostril.
epi outer, on top of,over-Prefix epigastric-top of stomach Medical Sentence: The patient complained of epigastric (top of stomach) pains. Everyday Sentence: The banquet table was full of epicurean (top of the line, the best) delights.
exo away from-Prefix exophthalmus-eyes bulging away from Med: The patient had a congenital exophthalmus (bulging eyes) condition. Note: Congenital means was born with the condition. E: The exotic (away from normal) animals were a great attraction at the zoo.
extra outside,beyond-Prefix or Suffix extrasensory-beyond Med:The patient developed acute extrasensory (beyond senses) hearing since he became blind. Note: Acute means severe or intense. E Sports are considered an extracurricular activity.
ferro iron-Prefix ferrokinetics-study of iron metabolism Med:The anemic patient was referred to a physician who specializes in ferrokinetics. Note: Anemia is usually treated with some sort of iron supplement. Iron is needed by the body to assist in clotting.
fore before-Prefix or Suffix forehead-before head Med:The laceration was on the right side of the forehead about two centimeters above the eyebrow. Note: A laceration is a cut. A contusion is a bruise. E:The forecast called for rain.
form shape of-Prefix or Suffix reniform-kidney-shaped Medical Sentence: The tumor has a reniform (kidney-shaped) appearance. Everyday Sentence: The formula (shape of method study) was very difficult to understand.
graphy writing,record-Prefix or Suffix graphospasm-writer's cramp Med: The nursing student developed a graphospasm from writing her assigned care plans. Note: A care plan is a written plan of care, designed by a nurse, for a patient in the hospital.
hemi half-Prefix hemiparesis-paralysis to one half of the body Medical Sentence: The patient developed hemiparesis (paralysis to one half of the body) from her stroke. Everyday Sentence: The United States is part of the Western Hemisphere (half circle).
hydra,hydro water-Prefix hydrophobia-water, afraid of Medical Sentence: The boy who nearly drowned developed hydrophobia (fear of water). Everyday Sentence: The hydroplane (watercraft) racer was a novice.
hyper above-Prefix hypertension-high tension Medical Sentence: The patient's hypertension (high tension) was causing severe headaches. Everyday Sentence: The hyperactive (above normal activity) child's behavior was frustrating to his parents.
hypo below-Prefix hypothermic-below temperature Med: The skier was admitted to the hospital in a hypothermic condition. Every: The scientist's hypothesis (underlying reason) relied on the fact that all the matter and energy in the universe remains constant.
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