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PSSA Vocab - PVSD 11th&12th grade

Altitude of a triangle a line drawn inside a triangle from the base to the opposite angle. It is perpendicular to the base.
analytical geometry geometry that is graphed on the coordinate plane and uses mostly algebra.
angle bisector a ray that splits an angle into 2 smaller and equal angles.
arc a part of circle between 2 points.
binomial a polynimial with only 2 terms. ex: 2x+3y
central angle an angle that starts in the center of a circle or regular polygon and the sides meet the edge of the circle or the corners of the polygon.
circumscribed polygon a polygon that surrounds a cirlce and the circle touches all the sides of the polygon.
dependent events when the outcome of one event affects the outcome of another event.ex: if you take one card from a deck, the outcome of drawing the second card has changed.
direct proportion two quantities (ratios/fractions) that have a constant ratio or equal value.ex: if 2 pizzas cost $10, then 3 pizzas will cost $15; the ratio is 1/5.
exponential function a function that has a variable in the exponent position.
Inscribed Angle an angle whose vertex is on the circle and sides are chords of the circle.
Interquartile Range The difference between the first and third quartile in a set of data. (quartiles are the three values that divide the set of data into fourths)Ex: IQR would be the 50% below the top 25% and above the bottom 25%
Inverse Proportion two quantities that are inversely related. ex: as a car's age increases, its value decreases
Irrational Number a number that cannot be represented as a fraction or ratio. Decimals that do not repeat or terminate.Ex: pi, square root of 2
Line of Best Fit (regression line) a line drawn on a scatter plot to best estimate the relationship between the two sets of data.
Median of a triangle a line segment drawn from the vertex of an angle to the midpoint of the opposite side.
Monomial A polynomial that is the product of one or more variables.Ex: 2x, 4ab
Odds The ratio of the number of ways an event can occur (successess) to the number of ways it doesnt (failures).ex: the odds of rolling a 2 on a die are 1 to 5, 1/5, 1:5
Outlier a value that is much greater or much less than the rest of a set of data (greater that 1.5 times the IQR)
Polynomial an algebraic expression that contains one or more monomials. ex: 2a, 3x+8y, 4xy-3x+2
Quadratic Function equations which are expressed in the form y=ax^+bx+cHint: use FOIL to factor and solve
Rational Number any number that can be expressed as a fraction or ratio of two integers, can be repeating in decimal form. Ex: .5, -9, 2/3, .0505050...
Real Number all rational and irrational numbers.
Secant of a circle a line that intersects the circle in exactly two points.
Semicircle an arc of a circle that is 180 degrees and endpoints are the diameter.
Slope the ratio (fraction) that expresses change in the vertical distance to the change of the horizontal distance between two points on a line. Rise over runEx: change in y/change in x
Tangent of a circle a line that touches a circle in only one point.
Trinomial a polynomial with three terms.ex: 7a+4b+9c
incribed polygon a polygon that is surrounded by a cirlce and whose vertices are located on the circle
Midpoint the point halfway between the endpoints of a line segment
absolute value a number's distance from 0.ex: |-3| = 3
Created by: lpvento
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