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YTI-Terms 2&3

YTI Chapter 2 & 3 test

endo- in, within
intra- in, within
trache/o trachea, windpipe
append appendix
-itis inflammation of
arthr/o joint
hemat/o blood
gastr/o stomach
tachy- rapid
crani- cranium, skull
carcin/o cancer
-phobia fear
-phasia speech
-penia decrease, deficiency
-ectomy removal, excision of
-pathy disease
lith/o stone, calculus
endo within
erythr/o red
dactyl fingers or toes
-tropia turning
ecto- outside, outward
exo- outside, outward
extra- outside, outward
dia- through, across
trans- through, across
syn- union, together, joined
-phagia eating, swallowing
-lysis separation, loosening
-osis abnormal condition, increase
-esis condition
-ia condition
-ism condition
acous hearing
-gram record, writing
-graph instument for recording
-graphy process of recording
obstetr midwife
ventr belly or belly side
ven vein
-algia pain
-dynia pain
neur/o nerve
ot/o ear
-cele swelling
hepat/o liver
-gnosis knowing
-version turning
cost ribs
-emisis vomiting
para- near, beside, beyond
-logy study of
super- upper, above
-centesis surgical puncture
-crine secrete
-desis binding, fixation of joint
derm skin
pro- before, infront of
retro- backward
-duction act of leading, or bringing
-rrhage bursting of
-rrhagia bursting of
-rrhea discharge or flow
micro small
-plasty surgical repair
-stenosis narrowing, stricture
-trophy nourishment, development
-ac pertaining to
-al pertaining to
-ar pertaining to
-ary pertaining to
-eal pertaining to
-ic pertaining to
-ical pertaining to
-ile pertaining to
-ior pertaining to
-ous pertaining to
-tic pertaining to
ad- toward
mal- bad
pan- all
-graft transplantation
-rrhexis rupture
-gravida pregnant woman
-stomy forming an opening
-tome instrument for cutting
-tomy incision
-y condition or process
dia- through, across
-cyesis pregnancy
-pnea breathing
blephar/o eyelid
-gen forming, producing, origin
-genesis forming, producing, origin
-iasis abnormal condition
-malacia softening
ab- from, away
cutane skin
tri- three
quadri- four
pod foot
-icle small, minute
-ole small, minute
-ule small, minute
my/o muscle
-tripsy crushing
arteri/o artery
-oma tumor
-megaly enlargement
poster back, behind, rear
pen penis
thorac chest
esophag esophagus
pulmon/o lung
primi- first
pseudo- false
multi- many
poly- many
log study of
men/o menses, menstruation
-spasm twitching
circum- around
muscul/o muscule
-toxic poison
-ician specialist
-ist specialist
-rrhaphy suture
rhin/o nose
-iatry medicine, treatment
nat birth
mening meninges
eu- good or normal
-tochia childbirth, labor
brady- slow
cyan blue
chondr/o cartilage
chol/e gall, bile
macro- large
calc calcium
-meter instrument for measuring
angi/o vessel
-scopy visual examination
ultra- excess or beyond
pre- before
mast/o breast
-scope instrument for examination
son sound
a- without
an- without
electr/o electricity
supra- above, excessive
di- double
bi- two
later side, to one side
dipl- double
diplo- double
ur urine
pelv pelvis
enter intestine
dys- bad, painful
-metry process of measuring
oste/o bone
arthr/o joint
cardi/o heart
peri- around
post- after
a- without
neo new
-plasia formation, growth
-plasm formation, growth
encephal/o brain
hemi one half
-plegia paralysis
-extasis dilation, expansion
-edema swelling
-emia blood condition
thromb/o blood clot
-pexy fixation
-clasis surgical break
epi- above, upon
pneumon air, lung
an- without, not
hyper- excessive, above normal
lymph/o lymph
bronchi lungs, bronchus plural
-esthesia feeling
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