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genitourinary test r

genitourinary test review

urethrealmeatoplasty can be done on both m/f true
undescended testicle can cause sterilization due to lower temp in the scrotum false
complete espispadias deformity is related to urinary incontient, little to no bladder neck true
penial implants increase the size of a penis false
an nephrostomy is placed in a wound for drainage true
a transcostal incision will provide good access to the kidneys true
an adrenalectomy has the potential for metabolic complications true
suprapubic cystostomy is the removal of the bladder false
suspension of the bladder is performed urinary incontinence in males false
which about the following on vesicourethral suspension is not true treating bed wetting in young males
a suprapubic catheter is used where urethertal strictures
perineal prostatectomy not an advantage to closure of ritzes
incision for a suprapubic prostatectomy transverse suprapubic
which best describes bladderexstrophy most serve form of epispadias
what is pyeloectomy removal of impacted calculi
what position is used for a simple nephrectomy lateral w/flank over the table break
which procedure enters the retroperitoneal space adrenalectomy
which is not a cause of renal obstruction renal failure
what is torsion of the testicle twisting of the testi
stones in renal pelvis are removed because all of the above
what is a retrograde pyelogram used to identify location of a stone
what is a pyeloplasty remodel of renal pelvis to repair tissue damage
a malfunction of the erectile of the penis is not caused by cushings disease
which dressing is used for an orchiectomy 4x4's & a scrotal support
immediately after delivering a hydrocele from the testi, a st should have suction ready for use
during a orchiectomy what structures & veins are crossed clamped and ligated spermatic veins & artries
bilateral orchiectomy is performed to control carcinoma of the prostate
removal of 1 testi is performed for all reasons except inflammation
chordee is the diagnosis in which the urethera is shortened causing the penis to bend towards the body
repair of epispadias is performed in stages, depending on the severity of the deformity
orchiectomy is performed before the age of 5 (preschool age)
to repair a bilateral undescended testicle, the incision is bilateral inguinal & unilateral to the scrotum
Varicocelectomy improve spermatgensis
corday is also associated with hypospasia
uretheral meatoplasty incisional enlargement & repair of the external meatus of the urethera
37 edema
suture in an adult circumcision chromic
specimen following a TURK prostate
urethera is dialated with what instrument van buren sounds
following a TURP, inserting a 30cc catheter to act as a tamponade
whenever electrosurgical instruments are used, what fluid is used nonelectrolytic fluids
product used during observation of the bladder steril distilled water
hypotonic solution will not cause lysis of cells
this tip belongs to a russian forcep
this is a east man richardson
which is not the name of the above grain retractor
identify cerebellar retractor
identify 35w skin stapler
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