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disorders of blood

Occurs if there are too many red blood cells in the bloodstream erythrocytosis or polycythemia
Type of polycythemia in which the hematocytoblasts make too many blood cells causing a very high hematocrit primary or polycythemia vera
Type of polycythemia in which there is an increase in erythropoietin production secondary
Causes of secondary polycythemia blocked blood vessels (especially in liver and kidneys) lung disease, high altitudes
Occurs in there are too few red blood cells anemia
Type of anemia in which too many red blood cells are destroyed Hemolytic
Type of anemia in which the bone marrow doesn’t make enough red blood cells Aplastic
Type of anemia caused by too little hemoglobin in the red blood cells iron deficiency
Type of anemia caused by irregular shaped hemoglobin sickle cell
When do the symptoms of sickle cell anemia appear when the cell is low on O2 (during excersise)
When do sickle cell anemia cells look normal when cells contain abundant oxygen
What shape do sickle cell anemia cells turn to when low on O2 rod
What does the shape of sickle cell anemia cells cause to happen blockage of capillaries
What is life span of a sickle cell anemia cell 10-20 days
What is the life span of a healthy red blood cell 120 days
What is the life span a platelet 10 days
What is the life span of granulocytes 12 hours
What disease does having 1 gene of sickle cell anemia help prevent malaria
What is removing blood then separating and storing the red blood to be used to pump back into the body before an athletic event called blood doping
Side effect of blood doping increase in blood viscosity
Low number of white blood cells leucopenia
High number of white blood cells leukocytosis
Usually a sign of infection leukocytosis
Condition in which too many white blood cells are produced and are released into the bloodstream before they are mature (cant perform their action) thus opening the body up for infection leukemia
Type of white blood cell that would increase due to a parasitic infection eosinophil
Type of white blood cell that causes inflammation basophil
What does a basophil release to cause an inflammation histamine
Undesirable blood clot in a healthy blood vessel thrombus
Blood clot that is traveling in bloodsteam embolus
Common place for an embolism lungs
Too few platelets in the bloodstream thrombocytopenia
Genetic condition resulting in lack of or low production of clotting factors hemophila
Too many platelets in the bloodsteam thrombocytosis
Most common type of hemophilia A
Bleeding disorder which causes platelets not to clump together Von Willebrand disease
Bleeding disorder which slows down the production of fibrin hemophila
Another name for red blood cell erythrocyte
Another name for white blood cell leukocyte
Another name for platelets thrombocyte
Normal red blood cell count 4 - 6 million per mm3
Normal white blood cell count 4000 - 11000 per mm3
Normal platelet count 150000-500,000 per mm3
Condition someone has if their platelet count is 1 million thrombocytosis
Condition someone has if their platelet count is 25,000 thrombocytopenia
Condition someone has if their red blood cell count is 8 million erthrocytosis
Condition someone has if their red blood cell count is 2.5 million anemia
Condition someone has if their white blood cell count is 2000 leukopenia
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