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What does Part C Medicare Cover? Allows private health insurance companies to provide Medicare Benefits
True or False: Home Health care coverage under Medicaid covers continuous care? False: Covers intermittent care not continuous care
What percentage does Medicaid pay 19%
This level of care means general supervision. The ability to intervene in a crisis and assistance in the self administration of prescribed medications. Supervisory Care
This level of care means assistance with daily living that can be performed by persons without professional skills and includes coordination of intermittent nursing services and administration of medications and treatment by licensed RN. Personal Care
This level of care means programs and services including personal care services provided to a person who is incapable of recognizing danger, summoning assistance, expressing needs, or making basic care decisions Directed Care
This type of care means 24 hour skilled care for short term illnesses or injuries; generally given in hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers Acute Care
This type of care means care given in a hospital or long term care facility for people who need less care for an acute illness. Subacute Care
What are the 5 rights of delegation Right task Right circumstance Right person Right direction/communication Right Supervision/evaluation
A manager has _________ calendar days before residents occupancy date to show evidence of resident being free of Infectious Tuberculosis. 7
This method of evaluation is where the focus is on the traits of the employee; the punctuality, discipline, helpfulness, and dependability among other traits. The accuracy of this type of evaluation is low Trait-focused evaluation
This method of evaluation is focusing on the behavior of employees. Looking at what each employee does whether they are performing in an appropriate or inappropriate behavior is noted. This trait is rated from poor to excellent on the rating scale. Behavior-focused Evaluation
This type of evaluation is the best form. It focuses on the performance of an employee. It shows what each employee has accomplished in their job. The most commonly used evaluation tool that helps in gauging the employees contribution to the company Result- Focused Evaluation
This branch of Arizona government is headed by a governor who is elected to a 4 years term. State Executive Branch
How long is a governor in Arizona elected for? 4 year term
This branch of Arizona government is the highest court in Arizona. It consist of one chief justice, a vice chief justice, and three additional justices State Judicial Branch
This branch of government consist of 30 members Senate and 60 members house of representative. State Legislative Branch
This type of leadership allows for everyone to have the opportunity to contribute their ideas to the decision. Democratic Management Style
This type of Democratic Management style the leader makes the decision first and then persuades employees that they have made the right decision Persuasive Democratic Management
This type of Democratic Management style involves the group contributing to the decision-making process, with the leader making the final decision Consultative Democratic Management
What type of leadership style likes to make sure team members follow rules and procedures accurately and consistently. They expect staff to display a formal business like attitude in the workplace and to respect a strict chain of command Bureaucratic Management style
What type of leadership style is labeled as dictatorial. The person in charge has total authority and control over decision-making. They control the work of the team and monitor the completion of each task. Autocratic Management style
What type of leadership style is a "hands off" approach, where the manager leaves their team to get on with the job themselves. The leader delegates many decisons. Laissez-Faire Management Style
True or False: During a survey you should ask the surveyor not to cite a violation even if corrected during the survery? False: you should not do this.
What does SOD stand for in Survey terms? Statement of Deficiency
True or False: Upon receipt of a SOD you should send a written request refuting deficiency on the same document as the Plan of Correction? False: you should send the Informal dispute resolution on a separate document form you Plan of Correction
How many days do you have to send out the written request for an Informal Dispute Resolution? 10 days
The department must receive the written request for an IDR no later than _________ calendar days after you have received an SOD. 14
A detailed for with guidelines for assessing residents in a long term care facility ; also details what to do if resident problems are identified MDS( Minimum data set)
What is money owed to the company by its debtors called? Accounts Recievable
What is money owed by a company to its creditors called Accounts Payable
This type of budget means profits are anticipated Surplus Budget
This type of budget means that revenues are expected to equal expenses Balanced Budget
This type of budget means expenses will exceed revenues Deficit Budget
Total revenue minus total expense in a given period is called Profit or net income
an outflow of money to another person or group for an item or service or for a category of cost is called Expenses or expenditure
Money spent by a business or organization on acquiring or maintaining fixed assets, such as land, buildings, and equipment Capital Expenditures
Projects how much money the business will generate by projecting income and expenses Income Statement
Shows the business overall finances including assets, liabilities, and equity Balance sheet
What are the three major components for a successful marketing plan Product, pricing, promotion
What temperature are heating and cooling systems maintained at in a ALF? 70* and 84*
What temp is hot water maintained in areas of ALF? 95*-120*
How many times is a water source tested for total fecal coliform or E.Coli Bacteria Once every 12 months
For a private bedroom: at least ______ square feet of floor space, not including a closet or bathroom 80
For a shared bedroom: atleast ______square feet of floor space for each individual occupying the shared bedroom, not including the closet or bathroom 60
If pool is located on premises it should have a self latching gate, latch located _____ inches from the ground is located when the swimming pool is not in use 54
Employee disaster drills should be performed? Every 3 months
Resident evacuation drills should be performed Every 6 months
Reviewing drill records should occur every 12 months
Smoke detectors should be checked monthly
Fire extinguishers should be mounted no more than 5 ft
What should the temp of the refrigerator be 41*F or less
What temp should frozen food be stored at 0*F or less
These policies and procedures safeguard workers from the release of hazardous energies Lockout and tagout
What does R.A.C.E stand for Remove Alert Confine Extinguish
What does P.A.S.S stand for Pull the pin Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire Squeeze the trigger Sweep at the base of the fire, side to side
How often should chimneys be inspected twice a year
How often should batteries for a smoke detector changed? once a year
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