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Epithelial Ch 6

Epithelial Tissues

What is the shape of a Simple Sqamous Epithelial Tissue? Single layer of flattened cells.
What is the shape of a Simple Cuboidal Epithelial Tissue? Single layer or cells that are as tall as they are wide.
What is the shape of a Simple Columnar Epithelial Tissue? Single layer of tall rectangular cells.
What is the shape of a Stratified Sqamous Epithelial Tissue? Multiple layers of flattened disk shaped cells.
What is the shape of a Stratified Cuboidal Epithelial Tissue? Consists of two or more layers of cells, the upper most being cuboidal (as tall as they are wide).
What is the shape of a Stratified Columnar Epithelial Tissue? Column shaped cells in multipe layers.
What is the shape of Pseudostratified Epithelial Tissue? Psuedostratified have cells that contact with the basement membrane, but do not reach the apical surface.
What is the shape of Transitional Epithelial Tissue? Transitional varies between squamous and cuboidal cells, but always has a dome shape at top of apical.
What is the function of the Simple Squamous Epithelial Tissue? Diffusion, osmosis, and filteration.
What is the function of the Simple Cuboidal Epithelial Tissue? Absorption and secretion.
What is the function of Simple Columnar Epithelial Tissue? Secretion and absorption.
What is the function of the Stratified Squamous Epithelial Tissue? Protection against wear-and-tear.
What is the function of the Stratified Cuboidal Epithelial Tissue? Protection.
What is the function of the Stratified Columnar Epithelial Tissue? Secretion and protection.
What is the function of the Pseduostratified Epithelial Tissue? Secretion from goblet cells, movement of mucous across surface by ciliary action.
What is the function of the Transitional Epithelial Tissue? Allows destination of organ without causing an increase tension in wall of organ.
Where is Simple Squamous located? Lining of heart and blood vessles, lymphatic vessles, alveoli of lungs, glomerular capsule of kidneys, part of serous membrane.
Where is Simple Cuboidal located? Lines kidney tubules and small ducts of many glands, covers ovary, for pigmented epithelium of retina.
Where is Simple Columnar located? Lines GI tract of stomach to anal canal, ducts of some glands, and gallbladder. Ciliated forms lines oviducts, uterus, and central canal of spinal cord.
Where is Stratified Squamous located? Keratinized: SkinNon-keratinized: Mouth, toungem esophagus, anus, and vagina.
Where is Stratified Cuboidal located? Lines larger ducts of some glands and part of male urethra.
Where is Stratified Columnar located? the ocular conjunctiva of the eye, in parts of the pharynx and anus, the female's uterus, the male urethra.
Where is Pseudostratified located? Lines much of the lowers respiratory system, down to bronchiolar level. Nonciliated form may be found in some gland ducts, epididymis, and part of male urethra.
Where is Transitional located? Urenary bladder, portions of the ureters and urethra.
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