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HPR 112

Ch 4 Review

__________ is a tubular, muscular, and elastic-walled vessel that carries blood from the heart through the body. Artery
The heart contains 4 chambers, the two on the top that receive blood from the veins and force it to the ventricles are called? The atria
______ connect arterioles with venules. Capillaries
Cessation of bleeding or the formation of a clot is called what? Coagulation
The resting phase of the heart's cardiac cycle is called? Diastole
The contraction phase of the heart's cardiac cycle is called? Systole
The process of coagulation, or clot formation, that repairs vessel damage and stops blood loss is called? Hemostasis
____________ is a white blood cell. Leukocyte
______ is a white blood cell produced in lymphatic tissues is called? Lymphocyte
_________ is a white blood cell produced in the bone marrow is called? Monocyte
What is disease producing agent called? Pathogen
This includes both the systemic circulation and the pulmonary circulation. Peripheral circulation
What is the largest vessel that carries blood from the heart to the body? aorta
This is a small terminal branch of an artery that ends in capillaries. Arteriole
__________ is the formation of blood cells in the body. Hematopoiesis
A red blood cell is called? Erythrocyte
A cell that contains a granule-containing cytoplasm is called? Granulocyte
The yellow fluid component of the blood is called? Plasma
The flow of blood to the lungs is ___________ circulation. Pulmonary
The flow of blood to the body exclusive of the pulmonary circulation is what? Systemic circulation
a platelet is also called what? Thrombocyte
The outer-most layer of the artery wall is called? Tunica adventitia
The middle layer of the artery wall is called? Tunic media
The inner-most layer of the artery wall is called? Tunica intima
This vessel carries blood back to the heart. Vein
The two chambers at the bottom of the heart are called? Ventricles
A small vein connecting the capillaries to larger systemic veins is a? Venule
The heart pumps approximately ______ liters of blood per min in a healthy adult. 5
Blood that is depleted of oxygen is carried by ___________. Veins
Atria __________ when the ventricles contract. Rest
______________ and __________ circulation make up peripheral circulation. Pulmonary & systemic
The ______________ ___________ consists of the pulmonary artery, capillaries in the lungs, and veins that drain those capillaries. Pulmonary Circulation
Created by: kbcanarr