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HPR 112

Ch 3 Review

A customer may be defined as any person to whom you provide service
_______ are the laboratory’s most visible customer-service staff. Phlebotomists
Examples of phlebotomist’s external customers include: Client, Physicians, Office staff, Other health-care facilities, Third-party payers
Examples of the phlebotomist’s internal customers include: Nurses, Pathologists, departments within the laboratory, all departments within the hospital that the phlebotomist provides service to.
A phlebotomist may demonstrate reliability by: Answering questions knowledgeably, refer questions to the appropriate person, identify the person whom the phlebotomist is collecting specimens from, label specimens properly, handle and transport specimens in the proper manner.
Collecting urgent, timed, and "as-soon-as-possible specimens within appropriate time frames is an example of what personality trait? Responsiveness
Staying up-to-date on new policies and procedures is an example of what personality trait? Competence
Answering questions in a knowledgeable manner demonstrates what personality trait? Reliability
Keeping your work area clean is an example of what personality trait? Tangibles
Being accurate and providing dependable performance demonstrates what personality trait? Reliability
____________ is demonstrated by proper appearance of the facility, equipment, and personnel. Tangibles
In order to demonstrate __________ one should always tell the truth. Credibility
By demonstrating confidence in your skills, you provide the customer with ___________. Security
Understanding/knowing your customer is demonstrated when you _______________. Call the client by name and remember special interests of the client.
Please and thank you demonstrates ___________. Courtesy
Keeping the supervisor informed of problems and potential problems is an example of what? Communication
This is demonstrated when you answer the phone by the third ring? Responsiveness
Created by: kbcanarr