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HPR 112

Ch 1 Review

1 of 5 patient's bill of rights Human dignity
2 of 5 patient's bill of rights Privacy
3 of 5 patient's bill of rights Confidentiality
4 of 5 patient's bill of rights Informed consent
5 of 5 patient's bill of rights Refusal of treatment
According to the patient's bill of rights, a person can expect ______________. Reasonable continuity of care
Explanation of the bill is _______________. A patient's right
It is a patient's right to have the hospital's _________ and _________ explained. Rules and Regulations
Why is patient confidentiality so important? A patient will be more inclined to be open with medical information if they feel safe and comfortable with the treatment and knowing their information is safe and secure.
Taking a person's blood with out their consent is called? Battery
Battery is defined as: Intentionally touching a person without authorization to do so.
Credibility goes hand in hand with: Integrity, trustworthiness, honesty
An ethical theory based on moral obligation or commitment to others is__________. Deonotology
An ethical theory that considers self-interest the goal of human action is ___________. Egoism
The monitoring of patterns and trends in the health care environment to assure the safety of client's and employees is called? Risk Management
An ethical theory based on the assumption that the least advantaged are the norm, with income, liberty, opportunity, and self-respect distributed equally is called. Social Contract
An ethical theory that determines right or good based on an action's consequences. Teleology
Values are considered__________. strongly held personal and professional beliefs about worth and importance
Drawing blood from a vein is called? Venipuncture
Drawing blood from an artery is called? Arterial puncture
Obtaining blood from a capillary bed is called? Capillary puncture
__________ is credited with the discovery of the circulatory system. William Harvey
List 5 qualities of a Phlebotomist. Knowledgeable, compassionate, patient, friendly, good listener.
List examples of efficiency. Careful attention to identifying the patient, labeling of the specimen, collecting the correct type and volume of specimen.
The philosophical study that examines values, actions, and choices to determine right and wrong is called. Ethics
Values may reflect ___________ and __________ feelings. Positive/negative
According to this ethical theory, benefits and burdens should be distributed equally throughout society. Obligationism
The main purpose of ____________ is to encourage communication at an intimate level between a professional and a customer. Confidentiality
T/F - A customer may legally refuse treatment. True
T/F - A Phlebotomist may draw a patient's blood even if they don't want it drawn. False
The two primary job duties of a laboratory phlebotomist are: Collection of blood, urine, and throat cultures for laboratory testing and providing excellent customer service to the patient, family members, co-workers, and anyone they come in contact with in the workplace.
A phlebotomist collects blood samples by three techniques: Venipuncture, Arterial puncture, Capillary puncture
A bill of rights for patients is designed to protect such rights as: Privacy, confidentiality, and refusal of treatment
__________ is a system that examines values, actions, and choices to determine right and wrong Ethics
Risk Management or Quality Improvement is _________ a method of monitoring the quality of patient care.
Created by: kbcanarr
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