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Oncology Med Surge

Carcinogens Substance known to increase the risk for the developement of cancer.
Papanicolauo's test (pap smear) A pelvic examination for women to detect cancer.
Binign Not recurrent or progressive;nonmaligant.
Malignant Growing worse and resisting treatment.
Metastasis Tumor cells are spread to distant parts of the body.
Immunosurveilance The immune system's recognition and destruction of newly developed abnormal cells.
Carcinoma Term used for malignant tumors composed of epithelia cells,which have a tendency to metastasis.
Alopecia Loss of hair.
Neoplasm Uncontrolled or abnormal growth of cell.
Thrombocytopenia Reduction in the number of circulating platelets due to supression of the bone marrow.
Stomatitis Amouth imflammation due to destruction of normal cells of the oral cavity.
Sarcoma Malignant tumors of connective tissues such as muscle or bone.
Tumor Lysis Syndrome Oncologic emergency that occurs with rapid lysis of malignant cells.
Carcinogenesis The process by which normal cells are transformed into cancer cells.
Differentiated Most like the parent tissue.
Leukopenia Reduction in the number of circulating white blood cells due to depression of bone marrow.
Biopsy Removal of a small piece of living tissue from an organ or other part of the body for microscopic examination.
Cancer's Seven Warning Signals (CAUTION) Change in bowel or bladder habits, a sore that does not heal,Unusual bleeding or discharge,
Cancer warning Signals Cont....(CAUTION) Thickening or lump in breast or elsewwhere.Indigestion or difficulty swallowing.
Cancer warning signs Cont.....(CAUTION) Obvious change in wart or mole, Nagging cough or hoarseness.
Most common sites for cancer in men. Prostate,Lung & bronchus,Colon and rectum,Urinary bladder,Melanomia of the skin,
Most common sites for cancer in men. cont... Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma,kidney,Leukemia,oral cavity and Pancreas.
Most common sites of cancer in women Breast,Lung & Bronchus,Colon and rectum,uterine corpus,ovary,Non Hodgkin's lymphoma,
Most common sites of cancer in women cont... Melanoma of the skin,Thyroid,Urinary bladder
Risk Factors for developing Cancer Smoking,Dietary habits,Exposure to Radiation(sun),Exposure to enviromental andchemical carinogens,Smokeless tobacco,Lots of alcohol.
Others cancers associated with smoking Bladder,kidney,mouth,pharynx,larynx,esophagus,pancreas uterine and cervix.
Dietary habits to prevent Cancer A diet high in fober and low in fat is recommended for prevention of cancer.
Exposure to radiation Excessive exposure to the suns ultraviolet rays is a factor in development of basal and squamous cell skin cancer and melanoma.
Environmental and chemical carcinogens Includes fumes from rubber and chlorine and dust from cotton,coal,nickle,chromate,asbestos and vinyl chloride
There is a greater incidence of Bladder cancer among people who live in Urban areas and among those who work with dyes,rubber or leather.
Use of smokeless tobacco increases the risk of cancerof the mouth,larynx,pharynx and esophagus.
Alcohol may result in Oral cancer and cancer of the larynx,throat,esophagus,and liver.
Prevention Behaviors (Cervicle Cancer) Abstaining from or practicing safer sex using protection.
Cancer prevention Quit smoking,Whatching for and reporting signs and symptoms.
Breast cancer prevention Ages 20-39 BSE each month,Clinical exam by health care every 3 years.
Breast Cancer prevention 40 and over Yearly mammogram,Yearly breast exam dy health care professional,near time of mammogram,BSE EVERY MONTH.
Endometrial cancer prevention watching for any abnormal uterine spotting or bleeding,using oral contraceptives for many years.
Endomentrial cancer CONT... Talking c doc. about the risk & benefits of hormone replacement therapy for your risk of cancer and other diseases(heart disease,osteoporosis
Endomentrial Cancer COND... Taking hormone peplacement with your uterus still intact,take estrogen &progesterone.
Ovarian Cancer Using the pill for yrs,
Ovarian Cancer COND...Watching for and reporting s/s Abdominal bleeding,vaginal bleeding,back and/leg pain,Chronic stomache pain
Ovarian Cancer COND... Talking c your Doc. about the risk and benefits of hormone replacement therapy for your risk of cancer and other diseases,like heart disease and osteoporosis.
Ovarian Cancer COND... Talking c your doc about having your ovaries removed,if you are high risk.(this surgery causes sudden menopause.
Skin Cancer Prevention Stay out of sun,especially between 10am-4pm,wearing a broad-brimmed hat,a shirt and sunglasses when out in sun.
Yearly pelvic exam c pap test. At age 18 or when sexually active,whichever is earlier.
After 3 or more consecutive satisfactory normal yearly examinations The pap teat may be performed at the discretion of the doc.
There are no effective and proven test for early detection of Ovarian Cancer
Skin Examinations Older than 20-q3yrs,Older than 40-qyr.
Tumor Classification Stage 0,I,II,III,IV
Stage 0 Cancer is situ means that malignant cells are present as a tumor but has not metastasized.
Stage I Tumor limited to the tissue of orgin,localized tumor growth.
Stage II Limited local spread.
Stage III Extensive local and regional spread.
Stage IV Metastasis(spreading)
Benign Tumors Slow steady growth,remains localized,usually contained within a capsule,smooth well defined movable when palpated
Benign Tumor COND... Resembles parent tissue,crowds normal tissue,rarely recurs after removal,rarely fatal.
Malignant Tumors Rate of growth varies-usually rapid,Metastasizes,rarely contained in a capsule.
Malignant Tumors CONT... Irregular;more immoble when palpated,little resemblance to patent tissue,invades normal tissue,may recur after removal,Fatal s treatment.
(TMN)Tumor Grading Tumor size,spread to nodes,and metastasis
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