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ST sutures & needles

sutures and needles; wound healing for Surgical Technology

During surgery, whose responsibility is it to prepare the correct sutures and pass them off correctly? Scrub tech
What size is the smallest suture (one that will float on air) and what is it used for? 11-0; opthomolgic procedures
do cost and availability have an influence on the surgeon's choice of suture? yes
Suture with high capillary capabilities are not used on tissue when risk of ____ is high? Infection
What is the strongest suture and is the most inert? stainless steel
is polypropolene a mono- or multi-filament suture, and is it inert or irritating to tissue? multifilament; inert
non-absorbable sutures come in what 3 types? natural, synthetic, metal
polydiaxinon is inert and is recommended for wounds with _____? infection
what is surgical gut packed in? alcohol
natural, absorbable sutures are broken down by what? enzymes
what kind of suture pulls off of the needle by pulling back sharply? control-release (CR8)
who should estimate the number of sutures needed for a procedure based on the anticipated suture method and the procedure being done? scrub tech
What kind of needle has a sharp point and a round body? tapered needle
a Keith is a straight cutting needle used for ____? skin closure
what should be used to cut suture? the tip of the suture scissors
What is added for extra support in wounds requiring great strength, such as abdominal incisions? retention sutures
what suture technique is used to close the open end of a lumen? purse-string
What type of pick-ups are used on delicate tissues? smooth or vascular
during surgery, when does the body begin to heal itself? as soon as the 1st incision is made
what product is used to repair a defect or strengthen the abdominal wall? surgical mesh
what is used to seal bleeding surfaces of vascular organs, such as the liver? tissue adhesive (fibringlue)
what device is a disposable clip applier used to occlude vessels and other tubular structures? premium surgiclip
what phase of healing lasts from 5 to 20 days and is the healing or proliferative phase? 2nd phase
collagenolysis occurs in the presence of what? Infection
what is the separation and opening of wound edges? wound dehiscence
What would be used to prevent a hemotoma or blood filled pocket after surgery? a surgical drain
What 3 factors contribute to the healing process? proper nutrition, chronic disease, infection
what can happen when wound dehiscence occurs in an abdominal incision? evisceration
scrubs must learn what about sutures in order to choose the correct types? principles, characteristics, and materials
what is the tubing through which retention sutures are threaded to prevent tearing of the skin? bolsters
if closing the wound with sutures would increase infection, the wound is healed by___? second intention
wounds that have ragged or weak edges must heal before closure will remain secure. this is healing by ___? third intention
the process of granulation occurs in what type of healing? second intention
in what type of healing are wound edges brought together and sutured, and wound heals with minimun scarring? first intention
this type of healing may require weeks to months because edges are continually inflamed. second intention
what type of healing occurs when suturing must be postponed or the incision dehisces? third intention
what is commonly called delayed primary closure? third intention healing
which method of healing/closure is ideal? first intention
During this type of healing, the wound must be protected from drying out and is often packed with moist dressings. second intention
The clean wound that is sutured closed and heals with minimal scarring and without incident is healed by ___? first intention
To lessen recoil(memory)from dry packed sutures, they should be _________? stretched slightly
Caution should be used when handling ___________ sutures to avoid puncture of gloves. stainless steel
cotton sutures are used less often than others, and are used mostly in _____? gastrointestional procedures
what type of suture is contraindicated when the pt has an active infection or allergies? silk
suture that causes little to no tissue reaction is called ___? inert
what is the weakest point of a suture line? the knot
what characteristic of suture is important for being able to approximate tissue and withstand knotting? tensile strength
should the needle holder be loaded before or after removing entire contents from package? before
whose handedness will determine the position of the needle on the needle holder? surgeon's
at what should the needle be pointing at when the scrub passes it to the surgeon? the surgeon's chin
what type of suture is made from the submucosa of sheep intestine or the serosa of beef intestine? surgical gut
what suture is used on tissues that heal rapidly and comes in plain and chromic? surgical gut
why is surgical gut treated with chromic salt? to resist breakdown
what is used for general soft-tissue approximation and ligation, and ophthalmic surgery, and must be dipped in saline before straightening? surgical gut
What was the first available synthetic absorbable suture material? polyglycolic acid
What are the brand names for polyglycolic acid sutures? Dexon S and Dexon II
what is used for general soft-tissue approximation and ligation, and ophthalmic procedures, and is available in uncoated braided or monofilament, or in coated braided material? polyglycolic acid sutures
What suture is contraindicated for use on cardiovascular and neurological tissues, and comes in green and pale beige? polyglycolic acid sutures
What suture comes in pale yellow and brown, and is contraindicated when approximated tissues will be under stress, if pt has allergies to chromium or collagen, and on cardio and neuro tissues? Surgical gut
what absorbable synthetic suture is available coated in braided or monofilament, and has a greater tensile strength than polyglycolic acid suture? polyglactin 910
what are the brand names of polyglactin 910? coated Vicryl and coated Vicryl Rapide
When is polyglactin 910 contraindicated? when extended approximation of tissue is required, and on cardio and neuro tissues.
Created by: BellaJerrent
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