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suture/wound test rv

suture wound healing test review

during surgery, it is the responsiblity of the st to prepare suture material true
smallest suture 11.0 is finest and most delicate and must be handled w/care true
surgeons choice of suture depends on cost and availablity true
suture w/high capillarity capabilites are sued when risk of infection is high false
a stainless steel suture is the strongest of all suture material true
a polyporpolene is a multifilament suture w/high inflammatory properties true
polydiaxion can cause serve tissue reaction and is not recommened for wounds false
surgical gut is package in alchol, which is a source of ignition on the surgical field true
natural absorable sutures breakdown via enzymes true
what suture is released by swaged needle by pulling sharply rather than cutting it control release
which team member should know which suture is used, so they can know how many pkgs needed st
what type of needle has a rounded body that tapers to a sharp point, punctures tissue, primarily used on soft tissue tapered needle
straight cutting needle (keith needle) is used for skin closure
when cutting sutures,using only the tips and cut only what you can see, use sharp suture scissors
what technique is continous to approximate the ends of a lumen purse string suture
delicate tissure require what type of forcep smooth/vascular
when does a surgical wound start healing as soon as the incision is made
product used to close defects in the abdominal wall or a hernia repair all of the above (meshes)
primary used is to seal the bleeding surfaces of vascular organs, must be absorable tissue adhesive
device that is a disposable clip applier, used to adhere vessels, contains 15 - 20 titanum clips premium surgiclip
phase of healing is the prolifiacte stage in tissue forming, last 5 - 20 days 2nd phase
this causes breakdown of collagen tissue near the incison site infection
the seperation & opening of wound edges, shortly after surgery, caused by infection or pressure at the wound edges wound dehisence
hematoma can be a resviour for infection, what is used to prevent this surgical drain
factors that contribute to the healing process of surgical incisions all of the above
when dehisence occurs, the spilling out of abdominal contents is called evisceration
most st's find that identifing sutures is a diffuclt task, learn what to help this principles, charteristics, materials
tubing to prevent suture from cutting the pt's skin bolsters
closing traumatic wounds w/sutures, infections 2nd intention
wounds w/ ragged or weak edges 3rd intention
wound not closed, granulation 2nd intention
wound edges approximated, heals quickly after surgery 1st intention
healing may require wks-mths to heal due to tissue edema 2nd intention
suturing must be postponed or wound dehisces and must be resutured 3rd intention
ideal closure for surgical procedure 1st intention
moist dressings in wound 2nd intention
clean wound heals, no scar 1st intention
what must be done to dry pack to reduce excess memory stretch
when handling this use extreme caution to protect yourself and your team from puncturing gloves stainless steele suture
cotton sutures are used less often but used in gastrointestinal surgery
type of suture are contraindicated for use in pt/ w active infection silk sutures
suture that causes little or no reaction inert
which is the weakest part of the suture knot
this charcteristic is needed to approximate the skin together tensile strength
load needle holder when before removing from the package
how to position needle depends on what whether surgeron is right or left handed
needle holder is passed w/the point of the needle facing towards the surgeons chin
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