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Hip Joint

Study Q's for Hip Joint 4a

What structures are in located in the non-articular portion of the acetabulum? Significance? Ligament to head of femur(Ligamentum Teres) and Fat Pad (in-vivo)
What is the acetabular notch and what bridges it? Absence (defect) of bone that is bridged by fibrocartilage Transverse Acetabular Ligament (continuation of acetabular labrum)
Describe attachments of synovial portion of joint capsule in the hip Proximally: Lip of acetabulum and labrum, lines fibrous portion of joint capsule. Distally: Extends ½ down femoral neck but then folds back on itself to attach to periphery of articular cartilage of femoral head.
Describe attachments of fibrous portion of joint capsule of the hip BE SPECIFIC Proximally: Attaches to periphery of labrum and acetabulum. SUP: med. aspect GT ANT:intertrochanteric line INF: sup. to LT POST: 2/3 down femoral neck
Which branches of the medial and lateral femoral circumflex arteries predominantly supply the femoral head and neck? What is their course? Retinacular arteries. Pass proximally along neck of femur tethered to bone by synovial portion of jt. capsule. Significance?
Significance of nutrient artery that supplies shaft of the femur typically does not extend into neck or head. Injury to retinacular arteries (femoral neck fx) can disrupt blood supply leading to necrosis.
Discuss discrepancy in fibrous and synovial jt. capsule. Significance? hmmmmmm….
T or F: Iliofemoral ligament courses distally from ASIS and adj. body of ischium to intertrochanteric line. False. (AIIS and adj body of ilium). Controls Head,Arm, Trunk moment.
Course of Ischiofemoral Ligament Body of Ishium->Anteriorly, Superiorly, Laterally->Med. aspect of greater trochaner and upper portion of intertrochanteric line
Name and Tension of Hip Ligaments. GO! Iliofemoral (Y)-Hip Extension Ischiofemoral-Hip Extension, Internal Rotation, Pubofemoral-Hip Abduction
Traumatic Hip Dislocation: Least ligament support in what position? Dislocation occurs in what direction? How does it occur (discuss force) Flexion. Posterior direction. When individual is sitting and there is a proximally directed force on femur.
How many compartments are located in the thigh? Three. Anterior, 2 Posterior (Hamstrings and Adductors)
Boundaries of the Femoral Triangle (SAIL) Sartorius, Adductor Longus, Inguinal Ligament (BASE). Floor: Iliopsoas (lat) and Pectineus (med). Bonus: what artery typically dives between these two muscles? Medial circumflex
Contents of the Femoral Triangle in order from most lateral to medial. Femoral Nerve (many branches), Femoral Artery, Femoral Vein
What is the adductor (subsartorial) canal? What structures run through it? Distal continuation of apex of femoral triangle. Canal is formed by deep surface of Sartorius and superficial to adductor longus. 1. THE Femoral Art. 2. Fem. Vein 3. Saphenous Nerve 4. Nerve to VM
How does the Femoral artery and vein cross the knee from the anterior compartment to posterior compartment? Significance? Course through adductor hiatus=gap in insertion of adductor magnus. Name change to “Popliteal” A&V, chief blood supply down leg to foot.
Structures in the Adductor Canal are in what compartment of the thigh? WHY? Technically Anterior Compartment. Still “Femoral” artery and vein. Course through Adductor Hiatus is when name change occurs into Posterior Compartment.
Name the Layers and Muscles in the Adductor Compartment Superficial: Adductor Longus, Pectineus. Middle: Adductor Brevis Deep: Adductor Magnus Medial: Gracilis Deep and Proximal: Obturator Externus
The deep femoral artery passes deep to what muscle as it extends down the thigh? Adductor Longus . Branches into 4 perforating arteries.
Anterior and Posterior Obturator Nerve branches branch at which muscle? Adductor Brevis
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