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Music Terms review

accelerando gradually increasing in speed
accent sign play with special emphasis
adagio slow
Alla breve same as 2/2 time. Sometimes called cut time
Allargando rather fast; a lettle slower than allegro
allegro quickly, happily, fast
andante moving along (walking speed)
Animato animated, lively
Appoggiatura a small ornamental note. Its purpose is to add expression to the melody.
Arpeggio a chord played in a harp like fashion, broken or rolled.
A tempo resume in original speed
Atonal not in any deffinate key
Cantibile in a singing style
Coda an added ending
Coda sign indication to proceed to the coda
Common time same as 4/4 time
Con brio with vigor or brilliance
con moto with motion
Contrary motion hands moving in opposite directions
Crescendo gradually louder
Da capo al fine repeat from the begging to the word fine
dal segno al fine repeat from the sign to the word fine
decrescendo gradually softer
Development the part of the compostion in which the main themes are treated with freedom and imagination
Diminuendo gradually softer
dolce sweetly
double flat lowers a flatted note 1/2 step, or a natural note one whole step
double sharp raises a sharped note 1/2 step, or a natural note one whole step
elision when one slur ends just as another begins on the same note
espressivo expressivly
exposition the first statement of the main theme or themes of a composition
fermata hold the note or notes under the sign longer
fine the end
forte loud
fortissimo very loud
grandioso in a grand and majestic manner
grazioso gracefully
interval the distance from one note to the next
largo very slow
legato smoothly connected
leggiero lightly
loco as written (not 8va)
Created by: Spykee_2
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