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WWI Ends

US involvement in WWI was significant because US troops and resources won the war for the allies
Impact of section 231 of the treaty of Versailles Germany accepted all blame for WWI
Industrialization impacted WWI because It allowed for new wepons to be mass produced
France’s plan for winning the war was to fight a war of attrition against Germany
The us did not enter WWI initally becaus did not want to get involved in europe's problems, wanted to remain isolatonists, not clear who's side to enter on
The area in-between trenched was called no man's land
The main style of warfare in WWI was Trench warfare
Allies durring WWI Britain, France and Italy and the US
Central Powers durring WWI Germany, Austria-Hungary and Turkey
Zimmerman telegram/Sinking of the Lusitania reason for the US's entry into WWI
Germany was forced to accept all blame for starting WWI and had to pay Reporations
Because of the style of warfare of WWI, most of the war was A Stalemate
Schlieffen Plan Germany's plan for winning WWI, called for quick victories over France and Russia, Brought Britain into WWI
The leauge of nations Was part of Wilson's 14 points, the US did not join
Wilson's 14 points included an end to secret alliences, reduction in military, the establishment of the Leauge of Nations
the following empires ended as a result of WWI Germany, Austria-Hungary,Russia, the Ottoman empire
The country today that is what is left the Ottomah empire is Turkey
Created by: Coach Hilton