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CLA169 quiz 2

erythrocyte red blood cells
hematology the study of blood and the blood forming tissues
leukocyte white blood cell
thrombocyte a blood platelet
hemoglobin the major functional component of red blood cells that is the oxygen-carrying molecule
capillary tube slender plastic tube used in a laboratory procedure
hemacrit the volume of red blood cells packed by centrifugation in a given volume of blood and expresses as a percentage packed cell volume
micro-pipet a pipet that measures or holds 1 mL or less
anemia a condition in which the red blood cell count or blood hemoglobin level is below normal; a condition resulting in decreased oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood
hemolysis the rupture or destruction of red blood cells, resulting in the release of hemoglobin
immunity a resistance to disease or infection
leukemia cancer of white blood cells characterized by an abnormal increase of white blood cells and their precursors in bone marrow, tissue, and peripheral blood
petri dish a shallow, round covered dish made of plastic or glass primarily used to culture microorganisms
thrombocytosis abnormallly high number of platelets in the blood; thrombocythemia
cytoplasm the fluid portion of the cell surrounding the nucleus
methylene blue a blue stain or dye
wright's stain a combination of eosin and methylene blue in methanol; a polychromatic stain
basophil a white blood cell containing basophilic-staining granule in the cytoplasm
basophilic blue in color; having affinity for the basic stain
lymphocyte a small basophilic-staining white blood cell having a round or oval nucleus and playing a vital role in the immune process
monocyte large white blood cell usually having a convoluted or horseshoe-shaped nucleus
neutrophil a white blood cell containing neutral-staining cytoplasmic granules and a segmented nucleus; also called polymorphonuclear cell (PMN), poly, or seg
platelet a formed element in circulating blood that plays an important role in blood coagulation: a small diskshaped fragment of cytoplasm derived from a megakaryocyte; a thrombocyte
blast cell immature blood cell normally found only in the bone marrow
reticulocyte an immature erythrocyte that still contains RNA remnants in the cytoplasm
Created by: armywife.diana
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