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Medical Terminology

Cards about Medical Terminology Word Parts

Ante- Front, Before
Dis- Apart
Endo- Within
Epi- Upon
Hypo- Below
Infer- Below
Peri- Around
Pre- Before
Quad- Four
Semi- Half
Super- Above
Trans- Through, Across
Abdomin/o Abdomen
Cardi/o Heart
Caud/o Tail
Chondr/o Cartilage
Crani/o Skull
Cyt/o Cell
Dors/o Back
Gastr/o Stomach
Hist/o Tissue
Home/o Same
Homin/o Human
Infer/o Below
Later/o Side
Lumb/o Lower Back, Loins
Med/o Middle
Pelv/o Pelvis, Hip Region
Physi/o Nature, To Grow
Plasm/o Structure, Formation
Pleur/o Side, Rib
Poster/o Back, Behind, After
Proxim/o Near
Reticul/o Network
Sect/o To Cut
Thorac/o Chest
Ventr/o Front
-ac Pertaining To
-al Pertaining To
-cyte Cell
-ic Pertaining To
-ion Action Of
-ior More Toward
-lysis Destruction, Loosening
-ologist Specialist In The Study Of
-ology The Study Of
-plasm Structure, Formation
-stasis Stopping, Controlling
-ule Small, Little
-um Structure
-us Structure, Substance
A- Without
Ab- Away
Ad- To, Toward
Amphi- Around
Con- Against
De- Lack of
Dia- Through, Across, Complete
Dys- Bad, Difficult
Ex- Out, Beyond
Hyper- More than normal, excessive
Sub- Below, Less than
Syn- Same, together
Arthr/o Joint
Coll/a Glue
Cry/o Cold
Cutane/o Skin
Derm/o, Dermat/o Skin
Duct/o To Lead
Flex/o Bend
Hydr/o Water
Integument/o Skin
Lig/a To Tie
Melan/o Black
My/o Muscle
Orth/o Straighten
Osse/o, Oste/o Bone
Path/o Disease
Pector/o Chest
Ped/o Foot
Por/o Pore, Passage
Strict/o Narrow, Tighten
Tens/i Stretch
Vas/o Vessel
-ary Pertaining to
-ate Having
-ation Action of, Process of
-fic Making, Causing
-gen, -genisis Origin, Formation, Producing
-in Within
-is Pertaining to
-itis Inflammation
-ium Structure
-osis Condition, Process
-ous Pertaining to, Having
-plasia Development, Formation
-plasty Surgical Repair
-scopy Processing of Viewing, Examination
-trophy Development
Created by: VVFBISD
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