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AP Euro: Absolutism

What was the witchcraft craze and what were its causes? The witchcraft craze was a hysteria over witchcraft all throughout Europe caused by the state of religious uncertainty and the emerging belief to look out for oneself.
What were the causes of the 30 years' war? Religious conflict between Catholicism and Calvinism played an important role. Protestants came together and formed the Protestant Union and Catholics formed the Catholic League of German states. Divisions in the HRE made war inevitable.
What occured in the Bohemian Phase of the 30 years' war? Catholic and Protestants battled for control of Bohemia. Catholic Frederick was deposed and Spain took this opportunity to invade Palatinate. He was renamed king of Bohemia and reestablished Catholicism.
What occured in the Danish Phase of the 30 years' war? King Christian IV of Denmark entered the battle on behalf of protestants. Frederick's new commander Wallenstein defeated his forces and was dismissed for fear of his power and Catholicism was reinstated.
What occured in the Swedish Phase of the 30 years' war? Gustavus Adolphus, Swedish King, entered the battle on behalf of protestants. HRE recalled Wallenstein in desperation, both Gustavo and Wallensein were killed. Swedish troops were ineffective without Gustavo.
What occured in the Franco-Swedish Phase of the 30 year's war? Religious issues were irrelevent and France beat the spanish and moved to victories over the HRE. All parties were ready for peace and negotiated the Peace of Westphalia.
What were the effects of the 30 years' war? This was a basically meaningless conflict. There were a few boundary changes for the states involved and the Peace of Westphalia determined all german states could determine their own religion.
What was Absolutism? Absolutism meant that the sovereign power or ultimate authority rested in the hands of a king who claimed divine right.
What was a divine-right monarchy? A monarchy ruled by a monarch who claimed he was ordained of God so he had absolute power.
What was a constitutional monarchy? A constitional monarchy was a monarchy where there were laws set up to govern the monarch that were agreed on by parliament. This put an end to divine-right monarchies.
What was the Golden Age in the Dutch Republic? It was a time where the Dutch republic was a dominant power in Europe and had economic prosperity while it was a main carrier in European trade.
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