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AP Euro: Exploration

Who were the Aztecs? The Aztecs were outstanding native warriors who built their capital at Tenochtitlan, in the middle of Lake Texcoco.
Who was Hernan Cortes? Hernan Cortes was a Spanish explorer who landed on the Gulf of Mexico and marched on Tenochtitlan with a small contingent of troops. On the way he made alliances with neighboring city-states.
How did he conquer the Aztec Empire? The Aztec Emperor Moctezuma treated them as Gods, they took him hostage and pillaged the city. The villagers drove them out but were afflicted with smallpox and the Spaniards launched a new wave and conquered them.
Who were the Inca? The Incan emperor Pachakuti created a centralized state with a capital of stone. They were great builders with complex road systems and suspension bridges.
Who was Francisco Pizzarro? Francisco Pizzarro was another Spanish explorer who landed on the Pacific coas of South America with about 180 men.
How did he conquer the Incan Empire? When Pizzarro landed the Incans had already had an epidemic of smallpox and the Emperor was a victim. There was a civil war over who would take the throne and Pizzarro conquered the winner.
What was the Administration of the Spanish Empire? It was a policy that instituted encomienda that permitted the Spaniards to collect tribute and use them as laborers.
What were the motives for explorers to travel to the new world? The explorers were motivated by tales of fantastic lands, gold, glory, and religious missionary opportunities.
What means did explorers have to travel to the new world? They had maps that showed the distance between ports and coastal countours and they had suprisingly seaworthy ships with axial rudders.
How was the slave trade started? Because of the enourmous workload in the Americas there was a need for more slaves than could be provided by the Native American slaves so the imported them from Africa.
what were the effects of the slave trade? The slave trade had economic effects as cheap manufactured goods put families into poverty, and because of the constant need for slaves increased warfare in Africa.
What was Triangle Trade? It was a trade system that took manufactured items like guns from Europe to Africa and traded for slaves. The slaves were brought to America where they were traded for things like tobacco and molasses and brought to Europe.
What were French and British India like? France and England were the major powers in India at first. England slowly gained power, took over the East India Trading Company, and the Muhgal court so they could tax the people.
What were Japan and China like during this time? They were both at the height of their power and tried to control trade. The Chinese permitted trade on one island only Japan welcomed them at first, but banned missionaries because of Catholic success.
Who was Prince Henry the Navigator? Prince Henry the Navigator opened a navigational school, most likely he was motivated to explore to expand the power of his state.
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