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AP Euro: Reformation

What was Pluralism? Pluralism was when clergymen were paid for multiple church offices but didnt fulfill their duties.
What was Northern Humanism? Northern Humanism was a branch of Humanism that combined Humanist ideals with Christian beliefs and encouraged classical Christian learning.
What was Lutheranism? Lutheranism was a religion founded by Martin Luther that believed we are saved by faith in God's promises and grace alone.
Who was Henry VIII? Henry VIII was the king of england and founder of the Anglican chuch because the Pope wouldn't let him divorce his wife.
What was Calvanism? Calvanism was a religion founded by John Calvin who believed in Predestination: the belief that God has predestined some to be saved and some to be damned.
What was Anabaptism? Anabaptism was a religion that believed in spiritual rebirth and adult baptism.
Who was Queen Elizabeth? Queen Elizabeth was the queen of England who ruled with religious compromise and tolerance and cautious foreign policy.
Who was Thomas More? Thomas More served as Lord Chancellor of England. He still studied his spiritual and intellectual intrests however and wrote Utopia.
What was the Peasants War? The Peasants War was a peasant uprising because of their dissatisfaction in Germany.
What was the Saint Bartholemew's Day Massacre and what were its causes? The Saint Bart's Day Massacre was the day the Duke of Guise slaughtered a peaceful congregation of Huguenots in Paris. The Guise family convinced Catherine d'Medici the gathering of Huguenots was a threat to them.
Who were the Huguenots? The Huguenots were Calvanists in France who came from all levels of society.
Who was Erasmus? Erasmus was the most influential of the Christian Humanists. He believed Chrisianity should be a guiding part of daily life rather than a system of dogmatic beliefs.
Who was Charled V? Charles V was the Holy Roman Emperor who spent his whole life battling 4 major problems within his empire: the French, the Turks, the papacy, and Germany's internal problems (Lutheranism)
Who were the Jesuits? The Society of Jesus or Jesuits were the chief instrument in the Catholic reformation. They had 3 major activities: setting up disciplined schools, propagating the Catholic faith, and fighting protestantism.
What was the Council of Trent? The Council of Trent was a Catholic council called to resolve the religious differences caused by the protestant revolt. They decided on and presented a clear body of doctrine and a unified church.
Who was Philip II? Philip II was the son of Charles V, King of Spain, and advocate for militant Catholicism. He wanted to consolidate the lands he inherited and make Spain a dominant power.
What was the role of the family during the Reformation? Marriage was viewed as a way to have sex without sinning by using it to procreate. The womens role was still to serve her husband and raise the children.
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