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reproduction wordlis

female reproductive word list

Abruptio Placenta Premature seperation of the placenta.
Adnexa Accessory parts of a structure.
Amniocentesis Surgical puncture to remove and analyze emniotic fluid; after 14 weeks gestation.
Amnion Innermost membrane and fluid that encloses the developing fetus and the fluid in which the fetus is bathed.
Cervicitis Inflammation of the cervix.
Choriocarcinoma Malignant neoplasm of theuterus or at the site of an etopic pregnancy.
Colporrhaphy Suture of the vagina.
Conization Excision of a cone of tissue for histologic examination.
Corpus Luteum When the rupture of a graafian follicle at ovulation produces a "yellow body" which secretes progesterone and estrogen.
Cystitis Inflammation of the bladder.
D&C Dilation and Curettage
Down's Syndrome Congenital chromosomal defect characterized by physical malformations and varied degrees of mental retardation.
Dysmenorrhea Menstrual pain.
Dyspareunia Pain during sexual intercourse.
Dystocia Difficult labour.
Eclampsia Toxemia Serious form of toxemia of pregnancy, manifested by high blood pressure, edema, convulsions, renal dysfunction, proteinuria and coma.
Ectopic pregnancy A condition in which the fertilized ovum becomes implanted in any tissue othe than the lining of the uterine cavity.
Estrogenic Horomones Female horomones- used o treat prostatic cancer in males.
Endocervicitis Inflammation of the mucous lining of the cervix.
Episiotomy Incision into th perineum from the vagina.
Estrogens Female sex horomones used as replacement therapy for mentrual disturbances or during menopause.
FHR Fetal Heart Rate
Fibroids Benign uterine tumours.
Galactorrhea Flow of milk.
Gravida A pregnant women.
Gynecologist One who specializes in the study of the female.
Hydrocephalus Increased accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid within the ventricles of the brain.
Hyman A fold partially or completely covering the vaginal opening.
Hymenectomy Excision of the hymen.
Hysterectomy Excision of the uterus.
Hysterosalpingography An examination in which dye is injected through the cervix for visualization of the uterus and oviducts.
Intrauterine Within the uterus.
IUD Intrauterine device, 95% effective in preventing pregnancy.
Kernicterus Serious condition involving mental retardation, jaundice and brain damage.
Labial Pertaining to the lip.
Lactogenic To produce milk.
Laparoscopy Visual examination of the abdominal cavity through a small incision just below the navel.
Leukorrhea White vaginal discharge.
Mammary Relating to the breast.
Menarche Beginning of menstruation.
Menopause The end of menstruation for the remainder of a women's life.
Menorrhagia Bursting forth of menses.
Miscarriage A natural, spontaneous termination of pregnancy before the fetus is able to survive outside the uterus.
Multipara A women who has had more than two live births.
Multigravida Pregnant women who has had more than 2 past pregnancies.
Natal Pertaining to birth.
Nullipara A women who has never produced a viable offspring.
OB Obstetrics.
Obstetrician A physician who specializes in dealing with pregnancy, labour and puerperium.
Oophoritis Inflammation of the ovary.
OS mouth or opening.
Ovaries Almond-shaped glands located in the pelvic cavity which produce the ovum (egg) and various hormones.
Oxytocin Medication used to cause contractions of the uterus, including labour, and expelling a placenta or non-viable fetus.
Pap Test Cervical smear to examine cells microscopically to detect cancer.
Parturition Process of giving birth.
Pelvimetry Measurement of pelvic dimensions.
Perineal Pertaining to the perineum.
PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
Placenta Previa A condition in which the placenta is attached near the cervix and is subject to rupture.
PMS Prementrual Syndrome
Pregnancy Condition in which a fertilized ovum develops in the uterus.
Primigravida A women during her first pregnancy.
Primipara A women who has produced one viable infant.
Pruritus Vulvae Server itching of the external female genitalia
Pseudocyesis False pregnancy.
Puberty Age of sexual maturation.
Puerperium Period of 6 weeks following child birth.
Salpingo-oophorectomy Excision of an ovary and fallopian tube.
Therapeutic Abortion Abortion induced legally for medical or other reasons.
Tubual Ligation Tying, clamping or cutting the fallopian tubes to prevent pregnancy.
Ultrasonography Examination using sound waves to view the female reproductive system and/or fetus.
Uterus Organ that contains and nourishes the embryo from the time of fertilization until birth.
Vagina Muscular tube extending from the cervix to the exterior of the body.
Vaginismus Painful spasms of the vagina caused by contractions of the muscles surrounding the vagina.
Vaginitis Inflammation of the vagina.
Vulvectomy Excision of the vulva.
Candidiasis Fungual infection.
Chlamydia STD classicfied as a PID that can damage the female reproductive organs, causing sterility.
Colposcopy Visual examination of vagina and cervix with use of an optical instrument.
Endometriosis Endometrial tissue outside the uterus.
Lumpectomy Excision of a small primary breast tumor.
Metrorrhagia Bleeding between periods or after menopause.
Ovulation The phase of the mentrual cycle in which the ovum is released.
Papanicolaou Test Cytologist study used to detect abnormal cells in the cervix.
Para Giving birth to one or more viable births; number of viable offspring.
prostaglandins medication used to terminate a pregnancy.
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