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Blesi8e Ch31 Terms

[MO2] Patient Billing [Tier 01]

account history a patient ledger within a practice management system.
account receivable (A/R) a reporting system to see who has not paid on his or her account
aging of accounts dividing accounts into categories according to the amount of time since the first billing date
alpha search look by alphabetical order
antagonize to annoy; to arouse opposition
at the time of service (ATOS) when service is rendered; real time
bankruptcy being legally declared unable to pay debts
date of service (DOS) the calendar date a service begins or is provided
expended spent or used, as with money or energy
idle uninvolved; doing nothing
nonsufficient funds (NSF) meaning the patient does not have enough money in the bank account to cover the amount of the check
outsourcing an arrangement by which a task, operation or job within a company is instead contracted to another company
practice management software (PM) provides the medical office the electronic component to deal with day-to-day financial and administrative operations of a medical practice.
skip a person who has disappeared or moved to avoid payment of bills
termination ending
Truth in Lending Act (TILA) federal law that specifies that when there is an agreement between the physician and patient to accept payment in more than four installments, the physician is required to provides disclosure of finance charges.
third-party someone other than the two principals in a transaction
viability capable of normal growth and development
year-to-date beings with the first date of the calendar year to present
Created by: MaesterRay
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