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Intro to Long-Term

chapter 1

long-term care (LTC) facility a type of institution designed to provide care and services over a long period. Includes skilled nursing facilitiy and rehabilitation centers. There is no age restriction
activities of daily living (ADL) activities or tasks needed for daily living, such as eating, grooming, dressing, bathing, washing, and toileting
developmental disability a chronic condition related to or needing treatment similar to mental retardation
ICFMR facilities a type of facility designed to provide care for the developmentally disabled or mentally retarded
Common terms used to describe LTC facilities are: skilled nursing facility, nusing home, convalescent hospital, rehabilitation center, extended care hospital, nursing care center
hospice inpatient centers (a facility that provides care to dying patients)
Part A of Medicare benefits A) pays for acute hospital costs up to specified amount for a limited period of time. Home care costs and long-term care costs are covered only when certain eligibility requirements are met
Part B of Medicare benefit pays for certain medical expenses, such as some medical supplies and equipment, diagnositc tests, doctor visits, physical therapy, and language therapy
policy describes what is to be done
procedure description of how to do a task
job description describes the duties of a particular job category
organization of the department of nursing (from top down) Administrator, Director of nursing/Director of staff development, nursing supervisor, charge nurse, restorative nursing assistant, nursing assistant
legal according to the law of the community, state, or nation
Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) a 1987 law passed by the U.S. Congress that require LTC facilities to provide care that maintain/improve each resident's quality of life, health, and safety.
quality of life a concept that includes all the aspects that make life worth living. Quality of life is best defined by the individual in the regulations
resident's rights those aspects of care that the resident in a facility is entitled to have honored.
Patient Self-Determination Act (PSDA) required all health care facilities and agencies to notify clients/residents at time of admission of their rights to consent to or to refuse any medical treatment.
advance directives written decisions that the adult make to inform what kind of care they want at the end of life. They write them them in case the person is unable to decide or communiate his choice.
ombudsman an impartial person who investigates compliants and acts as an advocate for residents and/or families
negligence failure to act as an average nursing assistant would act under the same circumstances
gross negligence person responsible shows so slittle care that it appears that he or she is indifferent to the welfare of others
assault threat or unsuccessful attempt to commit bodily harm
battery assault that is carried out, resulting in harm to another person
false imprisonment keeping or restraining a person without proper consent
code of ethics rules of conduct for a particular group
confidentiality not revealing private information to others
invasion of privacy when personal information is exposed publicly violating an individual's right to privacy
chart written health or medical record, which is a legal document
defamation of character making false or damaging statements about antoher person which injure his reputation
slander a verbal type of defamation of character
libel a writen type of defamation of character
The 3 components of communication sender, message, receiver
communication take place in speaking or writing, or without words throug facial expression, tone of voice, gestures, body position, and movement
touch form of communication that conveys friendliness and affection
empathy the ability to put oneself in another's place
respect recognition of the worth of another person
genuineness being yourself
warmth demonstrating concern and affection
caring compassion; understanding fears, problems, and distress of another
courteously putting the needs of others before your own
tact the ability to say or do the right thing at the right time
accuracy factual or being correct
interdisciplinary a group of health care workers from different professions who work together to provide care to resident
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