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Final Exam

A & P/Med Term I Final Review

What type of fracture results in small fragments of bone? comminuted
What childhood infection most commonly affects the face and hands? impetigo
What is the physiological process that maintains a stable environment in our bodies? homeostasis
The results of a disease process are called ______________________. manifestations
The term for a cluster of boils is ___________________. carbuncles
What body position is accomplished when the patient is lying face up? supine
What is the term for an excess of calcium in the blood? hypercalcemia
What is the neuromuscular disease where neither the nerves nor muscles are diseased? Myasthenia Gravis
A procedure that removes fluid from a joint through surgical means is called a/an ____________________. arthrocentesis
When a kidney becomes extremely dilated with urine it is called ____________________. hydronephrosis
What lesion of the skin is also known as a freckle? macule
What is the most serious form of skin cancer? malignant melanoma
________________ are also known as kidney calculi and are solid secretions of dissolved minerals in the urine. nephrolithiasis
What is the name for the procedure where the physician removes a small piece of tissue for laboratory examination? biopsy
Inflammation of a joint is called __________________. arthritis
What is a muscular disease that is hereditary and is primarily diagnosed between the ages of 3 and 5? Muscular Dystrophy
The muscular disease that causes pain, stiffness and tenderness of muscles, tendons and joints is called ___________________. fibromyalgia
A medical procedure that can break up stones utilizing sonic vibrations is called _____________________. lithotripsy
What muscle in your body will not regenerate itself once it is damaged? cardiac
What procedure exposes abnormal tissue to extreme cold and freezing to destroy the tissue? cryosurgery
What is the term for a yeast infection? candidiasis
What is the term for fusion of the joint? ankylosis
The passage of a flexible tube through the urethra and into the bladder is called a __________________________. urinary catheterization
The directional term that refers to a body part moving away from the midline of the body is called ____________________. abduction
The most common type of skin cancer is _____________________. basal cell carcinoma
A ___________________ pregnancy occurs when the fertilized ovum is implanted in any tissue other than the uterine wall. ectopic
The surgical removal of the ovary together with the fallopian tube is referred to as a _______________________. salpingo-oophorectomy
The heart and lungs are located in the _____________________ cavity. thoracic
What is the acute lung disease that is commonly seen in premature newborns? hyaline membrane disease
What type of fracture is accompanied by an open wound? compound
A congenital abnormality in which the male urethral opening is on the undersurface of the penis is called _____________________. hypospadia
This particular STD is characterized by chancre sores visible in the genital area. syphilis
What is the directional term that means the fartherestfrom the point of attachment? distal
arthr/o joint
A spreading infection in the skin is called ____________________. cellulitis
The visualization of a joint through a surgical instrument is called a/an ____________________________. arthroscopy
What skeletal system disease results in our bones becoming porous? osteoporosis
The directional term for pointing your toe is called _____________________. plantarflexion
An injury to a tendon is called a _____________________. strain
What contagious skin disease is characterized by mites that burrow under the skin? scabies
A muscular disorder where the patient is suffering from ascending paralysis is called ______________________. Guillian-Barre Syndrome
When a bone is displaced from its normal position in the joint it is called _______________________________. dislocation/subluxation
What virus causes both shingles and chicken pox? herpes varicella zoster
-algia pain
What two factors do clinicians use to assess the damage of burns? depth and area of skin damaged
-plasty surgical repair
The directional term that refers to a body part moving toward the midline of the body is called ______________________. adduction
Curling a weight with your arm is called ______________________. flexion
enter/o intestines, usually small
gastr/o stomach
An injury to a ligament is called a ___________________. sprain
What test is utilized to diagnose CTS? EMG- electromyography
What position is accomplished when the patient is lying face down? prone
hepat/o liver
nephr/o kidney
Bringing a weight back down from a curled position is called ______________________. extension
-centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid
When a physician repairs a fracture through surgical means it is called ___________________. open reduction
-graphy process of recording
What is the procedure that removes disc material from the vertebral column? laminectomy/discectomy
What is the name of the plane that divides the body into superior and inferior parts? transverse
What is the directional term that means closer to the point of attachment? proximal
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