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YTI Career

Introduction to AP/Med Term I Review

What is the term for the physiological process that monitors and maintains a stable internal environment? homeostasis
_________________ is the sum of chemical and physical reactions that occurr in the body. metabolism
There are ___________ organ systems in the body. 11
A __________________ can be determined after a physician has all the signs and symptoms. diagnosis
The combination of all manifestations is called a ____________________. syndrome
The _________________ plane divides the body into front and back sections. frontal/coronal
What does the abbreviation BP mean? blood pressure
What does the abbreviation GI stand for? gastrointestinal
When the body is face down it is said to be in the __________________ position. prone
______________ means toward the back of the body. posterior/dorsal
What does the abbreviation A & P stand for? anatomy and physiology
What is the term for the number of sick or disabled from a certain disease? morbidity
When the signs and symptoms disappear for a period of time the patient is said to be in _____________________. remission
________________ anatomy is also known as gross anatomy. macroscopic
The dorsal cavity contains what organs? brain and spinal column
A disease that flairs up and could come back is said to have __________________. exacerbated
The transverse plane divides the body into _________________ and __________________ parts. superior and inferior
_________________ is the term for a defnitive, objective and visible indicator of an illness. sign
The study of physiology deals with the study of __________________. functions
The term for the predicted course or outcome of a disease is a ___________________. prognosis
The heart and lungs are located in the ____________________ cavity. thoracic
What is the correct anatomical position? body erect, feet slightly apart, palms facing forward with thumbs pointed away from the body.
What does the abbreviation GU stand for? genitourinary
________________ is a subjective term for the indicators of an illness. symptoms
The common measurable indicators that can help the health professional assess the health of the patient are called ________________________. vital signs
The abbreviation SOB stands for? shortness of breath
_________________ is defined as the cause of a disease. etiology
The abbreviation ER stands for emergency room
The ________________ position is with the bed or examination table elevated to 45-60 degrees. Fowler's
abdomin/o abdomen
adip/o fat
epi- upon, above
hypo- below
chondr/o cartilage
vertebr/o vertebra
ventr/o belly side of the body
cyt/o cell
dist/o far, distant
sarc/o flesh
medi/o middle
sacr/o sacrum
thel/o nipple
Created by: mbcyti



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