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Blesi8e Ch53 Terms

[MA3] Administering Injections [Tier 01]

ampule a small glass container that can be sealed and its contents sterilized
anaphylactic a severe and rapid multi-system allergic reaction
catarrhal stage inflammation of the mucous membranes
decline stage becoming less intense, subsiding; a period of time when the symptoms of disease start to disappear.
diptheria an acute infectious disease characterized by the formation of a false membrane on any mucous surface, usually in the air passages, interfering with breathing.
epiglottitis a life-threatening condition that occurs when the small cartilage "lid" that covers your windpipe swells and blocks the air flow into your lungs
epinephrine a hormone produced by the adrenal medulla
gauge the size of a needle bore
hepatitis A an acute infectious disease of the liver caused by a virus that is transmitted by contaminated food or water or by direct person-to-person contact
hepatitis B acute infection of the liver transmitted through blood or body fluids
immunization becoming immune or the process of rendering a patient immune
incubation period the interval between exposure to infection and the appearance of the first symptom.
influenza an acute illness characterized by fever, pain, coughing and general upper respiratory symptoms.
intradermal within the skin
intramuscular type of injection administered into a muscle
intravenous to insert into the vein
meningitis inflammation of the meninges of the brain and/or spinal cord
needlesticks unintentional injury that occurs in the course of handling infection materials used for medication administration
paroxysmal stage occurring repeatedly; recurrent symptoms.
pertussis an acute infectious disease characterized by a paroxysmal cough, ending in a whooping inspiration
photosensitivity inability to tolerate light due to medication effects or illness.
pneumonia inflammation of the lung caused primarily by microbes, chemical irritants, vegetable dust or allergy
rubella a mild contagious viral disease that may cause severe damage to an unborn child
rubeola an acute, highly contagious disease marked by a typical cutaneous eruption
sensitivity abnormal susceptibility to a substance
series a set of things in the same class coming one after another
subcutaneous beneath the skin
vaccine any substance for prevention of a disease
varicella a highly contagious disease; aka chicken pox
vial a small glass tube or bottle, containing medication or a chemical
wheal round and evanescent elevations of the skin, white in center with a pale red edge, accompanied by itching.
Z-track a method of injecting medication intramuscularly
Created by: MaesterRay
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