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diagnostic procd

diagnostic procedures

Diagnostic procedures & techniques are designed to evaluate the entire pt and to design a plan of care true
If growth is present in a culture it is a negative culture false
cytology studies will look at the presense of blood cells and other cells true
product of conception resulting from a tubal pregnancy or miscarriage may be used for genetic testing true
a surgeon may request a frozen specimen; must be put in foralin false
amy tissue removed from a pt is considered a specimen true
MRI is more useful than a CT for assessing bony and less for tissue false
C-ARM is an example of a floroscopy true
angiography is part of the preoperative diagnostic process for vasicular disease true
if you have more than 1 syringe on the field, 1 is salin & 1 is contrast, you must label both syringes true
is used for strictures of ducts & blood vessels renografin or conray
what is found in contrast medium for testing iodine
what is a water insoluable contrast medium used to exam the GI tract barium
what position is the pt in when given an x-ray at a 45 degree angle oblique
using ionized radiation, the sterile field must be protected from the x-ray tech/ equipment
in a surgical setting, what is used on the staff to detect radiation dosimeter
3 factors that impact the exposure of radation on the body time,distance & shielding
study used to assess the blood flow in the kidneys, intestine & spleen doppler
noninvasive procedure that uses ultrasound to see the heart transthoracic echocardiogram
assists in determining abnormalality of 3rd stage clotting fibrogin
changes on this device is often early indicators of crisis in the pt ECG/EKG
what functions in regulating acid base balancing, nerve impluse conduction, muscle function potassium
a clotting process that is sped up can cause thrombis formation
what stage of clotting produces prothrombin & thrombin 2nd stage
what measures the ability of platelets to function normally and causes the capillary walls to constrict as a result of tramua bleeding time
decrease in platelet count is an indication of demised ability to clot blood or an increased platelet count hypercoagulability
elevated levels of what indicate underlying stresses on the immune system WBC & leukocytes
associated with early & late stages of infection process produce hemoglobin lymphocytes
2 primary tests performed on pt preoperatively CBC & Hemogram
diagnotic procedures allows surgeon to dermine underlying medical condition that affect the pt
hypaque gastrofin
diagnostic agent pharmacologic substance used to aid in diagnotic procedure
vital signs basic indicators to help assess life
contrast medium radiopaque solution
intraoperative choleangiogram used to rule out the presence of stones w/in the common bile duct
use of sound waves to provide a picture of structures w/in the body ultrasound
what evaulates the chemical levels in blood chemistry studies
blood test that test the Oxygen level in blood ABG's
anethesia care providers do diagnostic testing to maintain hemostasis
what test doesn't cut the skin noninvasive
what is monitered in the spinal cord during spinal procedures nerve impulses
what test consists of RBC, WBC, hemoglobin, hemocrit, platelets & RBC indices hemogram
if left uncontrolled, can lead to increase blood loss, stroke or inhibit wound healing in pt hypertension
process of interviewing the pt & doing a physical exam History & Physical
basic diagonstic indicators vital signs
an elevated core temperature in surgical pt hypertherma
these are vital components of cell function electrolytes
biopsy removal of a sample of tissue for pathological analysis
CBC a blood test that measures specific components of blood, including hemoglobin, hematocrit, RBC's, WBC's, types, platelets & several RBC indices
CT a test that allows dr's to obtain cross-sectional radiographic views of the pt
diagnostic agent pharmacologic substance used to aid in diagnostic procedures
doppler studies a technique that uses ultrasound energy to measure motion w/in blood vessels
echocardiography the use of ultrasound to diagnose conditions of the heart
ECG a noninvasive test that measures electrical activity of the heart
endoscopy the use of endoscopic technology to diagnose pathology
frozen section a microscopic slice of frozen anatomic tissue that is evaluated for presence of abnormal cells
hemoglobin a test that identifies the capacity of oxygen-carrying cells w/in the blood
history & physical the process of interviewing a pt and conducting a physical exam to assess various anatomical structures and systems
MRI a test that incorporates a magnetic field to identify structures w/in the body
RBC count a part of the CBC or hemogram that identifies the # of circulating RBC's in the blood
type & cross a test the specifically matches a pt's blood w/a particular unit/units of blood in the blood bank
type & screen a test that is used to ensure that units of blood that match the pt's blood type are available if required by the pt
ultrasound the use of sound waves to create a picture of structures w/in the pt
vital signs basic diagnostic indicators that help to immediately assess life threatening situations
WBC count a test that identifies the absolute # of WBC's in a specimen
X-ray any test that uses x-rays to record a picture of structures/objects w/in the body
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