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Exam Review


Define Risk Something with a positive or negative out come
Define Value A belief in something we consider important in our life
Define Want Something you have been influence you need
Define Need Physical, mental or emotional required for survival and well being
Define Goal Something you want to achieve that requires effort and planning
The most important level on the Insulin Control Food Pyramid is: Fruits and Vegtables
Define Glucagon: Released hormone from Pancrease in great amounts following a protien
Should whole grains be used sparingly or often in the Insulin Control Food Pyramid? Sparingly :)
The Second most important part of the Insulin Control Food Pyramid is: Lean Protien
List the order of the right recipe ingredients Right Foods, Right Amounts, Right Combo, Right Times
List three examples of the right foods? proties, vegatables, carbohydrates and vegtables
Name the example of the right amount: fist size
What is meant by the right time? two- three hours apart
Name the Healtiest complex carbohydrate Sweet Potatoes
Define Nutrients: A substance that helps the body regulate and process properly
Define Protien: Builds muscle, bone and skin tissue and found in every cell
D. D. W. stands for: Diets don't work
How many ounces of what should a person drink each day? 64 ounces
Turkey, salmon, chicken and buffalo are examples of what? Protien
Are saturated fats, sweets and dairy included in the Insulin Control Pyramid No
This STD has three stages: Syphilis
There's no cute for this STI. He/She will eventually die: HIV
Give an example of a minor STI: Pediculosis
HIV stands for: Human Immunodeficiency Virus
AIDS stands for: Aquired Immune Defficency Syndrome
What are two ways to test for HIV? Blood and Slivia
100% prevention agains HIV? Abstinence from sex
HIV cannot be transmitted through Casual Contact
Name two STI's which their treatment is antibiotics: Cramida and Gonorriha
A birus that lies dormants in people: Herpes
Define Fertilization: Sperm and egg cell join
Define Placenta Organ that provides nourishment to the embryo
Define Fetus: The name of the 3rd month until birth
Define Identical Twins Twins from the same fertiled egg
Define Breech Birth feet or butt eneter birth canal first
Tabacco smoke contatins how many chemicals? 4,000
Alcohol abuse can lead to what physical effects on the body? Liver, Brain and Stomach
The cure for a hangover is: Time
Marijuana is classified as: Hallucinogens
Cocaine and Crack are classified as: Stimulent
How alcohol effects people depends on what factors? Weight, Tolerence, Experience, Size, Mood
What is the main reason young people begin to drink? Peer and Social Pressure
BAC Stands for: Blood Alcohol Content
Three ways to test BAC: Blood, Urine and Breath
Alcohol is classified as: Depressant
Define Withdraw: uncomfortable that occure when a person stops using an addictive drug
Define Tolerance: Reduced sensitivity as a result of regular use or abuse
The most widely used and abused illegal drugs in the U.S.: Marijuana
Define Detoxification: Withdrawl from the physical dependance of alcohol under medical supervision
Define Oxidation: Liver processes 90% to oxygen and water
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