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Flavin 21 LAB

Clinical LAB 21

Always verify what with the pt before touching them. Hint- if they say none you would write or enter "NKDA" allergies
DOS aka The current date or date of service
What do you do with the fist drop of blood when you do a capillary stick? Wipe it
When you administer an IM injection it is over what mucle? Deltoid
What angle is an IM administered? 90 degree
ID means: Intradermal
What do you call the bubble a TB test causes? wheal
The TB is administered at what angle? 15 degree
Sub Q injection is administered at what angle? 45 degree
The bevel should be ____ . Facing up
You should do what between pts? Wash your hands
After you obtain blood what do you need to do with the tubes that you filled with blood? Invert
Inverting the tubes does what? Mixes the additives with the blood.
What tube would you use if the Dr. ordered a CBC? Purple top
If you are drawing a chemistry panel on a pt what tube would you use? Serum Separator aka SST aka tiger top
The red top tube will give you what after spinning down? Serum (transfer off RBCs to prevent hemolysis) aka used for medication levels.
The blue & white pads you use to protect the table from blood is aka? Chucks or Chux
The bigger the number the __ the needle. smaller
An 18G & 16G are used primary for: STAT fluids or blood donation. (possible viscus solutions)
Viscus means: Thick
Always verify your "Rights" prior to administering___. Anything
The tourniquet should not stay on longer than a ___. minute
How do you prevent bubbles from getting into the capillary tube when filling with blood? Hold the furthest part of the tube upright.
If it is difficult to pull solution from a vial it could be from: Lack of air exchange if the bottle is big and a multi dose vial.
If a pt had a mastectomy you should ___ obtain a BP on that side. NOT
When charting allergies what color pen is used? Red
Palpate means: To touch/feel
Auscultate means: listen
What 3 things are going to help you find a vein and successfully obtain blood: Tight tourniquet, straight arm, tight fist.
When locating a vein should you feel a _____. bounce
d day or daily
npo nothing by mouth
po per oral or by mouth
tid 3 times a day
PCN penicillin
VA visual acuity
OD right eye
OS left eye
OU both eyes
AD right ear
AS left ear
AU both ears
SOB shortness of breath
What question would you ask female pts but not males? LMP
f/u follow up
LOV last office visit
EKG elctrocardiology
If a person does not have a fever they are: afebrile
hematology is the ___. study of blood
When you get to work the first thing you do is___ clock in
What is the name of the person that obtains blood from you? Phlebotomist
Created by: Iteach4Docs
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